Tell Your Doctor: CDs Are History

Posted by Les Trachtman on Nov 26, 2019 12:07:00 PM

Using CDs or DVDs to transfer X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc. is an ineffective and antiquated method for delivering medical images. With today's advanced technology there are better options. Why not use your mobile phone instead?

If you've recently had a medical image scan performed - on yourself or even your pet - and needed a
cds are history
copy of the scan for a referring physician or veterinarian, you were probably given a CD or DVD containing the image. This seemingly simple and innocuous process turns out to be quite a problem, for physicians and patients alike.

Here are only a few of the many issues with using discs for image delivery:

  • Most modern computers don't have a disc drive to read a CD or DVD.
  • CDs and DVDs used for imaging often come with their own unique viewer. Each viewer has a different set of user commands, functions and features, and may or may not work with your particular computer or the  the computer your physician or veterinarian uses.
  • CDs and DVDs are easily damaged, lost or forgotten, often resulting in missed appointments or delayed care, which can have a domino affect on the other patients scheduled that day, too.
  • CDs and DVDs have to be either physically carried, mailed our couriered to the recipient which introduces cost and further delays in care.
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How much easier would it be to simply have the medical image on your phone?

Almost everyone carries their mobile phone with them wherever they go. What if instead of having to (remember and) carry your CD to your next appointment, you could simply pull it up on your phone? Picture this: at the touch of a button, you could instantly deliver your (or your pet's) medical image to the doctor or vet. You could even send it in advance of the visit, perhaps enabling your doctor to review your case before your appointment... how innovative (and efficient)! 

Burning a CD is an unreimbursed cost for your doctor or vet.

It's probably safe to assume you're not really concerned about their costs. But someone ultimately has to pay for the expense and guess where it typically comes from - their patients. There is a growing trend to pass these charges along to patients. Using an electronic system to simply transfer these images to your mobile device is cheaper for them and will be for you, too. Plus, this delivery method means none of the costs or delays often incurred by mailing them.

Your private health information should be confidential.

CDs are easily lost or misplaced, which puts your personal information at risk of ending up in someone else's hands. Delivering images by mailing a CD or DVD also has its risks: the package may go to the wrong recipient or location or perhaps never arrive at all.

Images delivered to your phone are protected by multi-factor authentication meaning your information is more secure than it would be on a disc. Your phone does not contain the actual image itself, but rather you have permission to access the image electronically. While you access and view the image on your phone, the actual image stays securely locked in a data center and is not subject to getting lost in delivery.

A consistent viewing environment for all.

When you share your image, the physician or veterinarian receiving it may either use the robust online viewer that automatically displays with the software or they may download the image onto their own viewer. As a result, your doctor or vet will not have to learn a new set of commands or features each time they view a different patient's images.

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