Free is Good: A Patient Access System for Your Practice

Patients are becoming more and more involved in their own healthcare decisions. Thanks to high-deductible health insurance plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), patients frequently make these important decisions around when and if they will seek health care.

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Topics: patient access, patient pay

How Will Brexit Affect Storage and Privacy of UK Residents' Private Health Information?

As a global company, we have had multiple clients and prospects in the United Kingdom inquire about how the current situation with Brexit will affect storage and privacy. Here is a brief update regarding possible post-Brexit shifts in privacy regulations.

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Topics: PHI, Brexit

The Last Mile in Health Care

Health care is trying to keep up with the digital age, but unfortunately, it’s failing. Thanks to the internet, you can complete almost every essential life task online from ordering groceries, to buying movie tickets and paying bills. When it comes to transferring your medical records to a new physician, though, you frequently run into a technological dead end. Despite the patient portal and electronic health record (EHR) platforms available, there seems to be no easy and efficient way to deliver concise, relevant health information, including medical images, to the right place at the right time. It's clear that health care has a last mile problem.

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My Summer Internship with Purview: Creative Freedom to Make an Impact

Gwayne Nulud, a rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park, reflects on his summer 2019 Mike Shane Internship as an inbound marketing intern with Purview. Gwayne will graduate in Winter 2020 with a degree in marketing and supply chain management.

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My Summer Internship: Exploring a New Path in the Medical Industry

McKenzie Mensch, a rising senior at Virginia Tech, reflects on her summer 2019 Mike Shane Internship as an inbound marketing intern with Purview. McKenzie will graduate in Spring 2020 with a degree in biological sciences.

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