What's New With Expert View? Watch the latest and greatest celebrated features within Purview's market leading second opinion software

Expert View™ is used by some of the most prestigious centers of excellence across the United States to facilitate compliant online opinions to patients outside the hospital's local geography, enabling more patients access to specialized care.

Purview's Expert View™ software is most commonly used to digitize and streamline the online second opinion process, but some hospitals also use it for pre-surgical screening, peer-to-peer consultations, and other unique applications. The common thread being that through technology, specialized medical expertise can be shared faster and without burdening the patient to travel in-person, while simultaneously extending a hospital's brand to new geographies. It's a win for all involved.

The Design Process

The design of Expert View™ embodies its mission, to not only improve remote access to specialty medical expertise, but to make it seamless. The entire team at Purview contributes to new ideas, employing a design-thinking mantra when it comes to product development. Hungry for client feedback, we listen for pain points, solicit stories, re-think the status quo, and iterate to innovate. The following list highlights just a few of the latest and greatest product enhancements and new feature rollouts over the past year. From building in safeguards for compliance to supporting program managers and administrators with data insights at their fingertips, this is just the beginning of what the Expert View™ product and design team have in store..


Monitor Case Status

The Expert View Case Status and Activity Panel streamlines case management for administrators by providing a centralized hub for accessing key case information, including case timelines, key action lists, and case history. This feature offers a one-stop shop to track case progress, enhancing workflow efficiency and saving time.

Enhanced Case Archiving

The enhanced Expert View Case Archiving feature empowers administrative users with increased control over archived case visibility by making sharing the reason for archiving optional. Users can now toggle the 'Share this reason with patient' button, enabling customized patient communication, and ensuring better internal management of case information.


Organize Medical Records IN BULK!

The Organizing Medical Records feature in Expert View enables users to efficiently move and organize multiple medical records in bulk, saving administrative teams valuable time. Users can easily select records, move them to new categories, or choose to hide them, streamlining workflow efficiency within the platform.


Alert Admins When Request Arrives Outside Pre-Approved Geographies

Expert View’s Enforcing Licensure Restrictions feature enables program super admins to specify accepted geographic jurisdictions, ensuring compliance with licensure regulations and controlling program participation eligibility. This enhancement streamlines regulatory compliance within the system, requiring acknowledgment of administrative alerts for cases submitted from outside accepted jurisdictions.

Save Time by Creating Default Fees

Expert View enables super administrators to save default fee templates, streamlining the process of inputting recurring fee descriptions and amounts for case types. Administrators can then easily select these saved fees from a drop-down menu while working on a case, minimizing the need for repetitive fee entries and promoting transparent pricing.


Extract Data for Reporting & Insight

Expert View's Data Export feature supports super admins to extract both case data and user feedback data within specified timeframes, facilitating thorough analysis and informed decision-making. These data exports provide comprehensive insights into patient demographics, case details, and feedback from experts and patients, driving continuous improvement within the platform and enhancing the overall user experience.


Data Visualization for Real-Time Insight

Expert View™ enables real-time data visualization and analysis of key case metrics directly within the platform. Users can quickly understand fluctuations in case volume, completed requests, cases by geography and division, patient and physician satisfaction, and more. With this feature, organizations gain immediate insight from summarized performance data, enabling faster connections and informed decision making.

Continuing Care

The Expert View Continuing Care tab supports administrators with ongoing tracking capabilities even after a case is marked as complete. With this feature, administrators can associate cases with Medical Record Numbers (MRNs)/Patient Identification Numbers, monitor recommended in-person visits, track associated revenue, and add flexible custom fields for detailed notes and hospital specific information, optimizing post-case management efficiency.


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