Are Medical Second Opinions Profitable?

What is a second opinion?

Second opinions are becoming a popular procedure for anyone who receives a critical diagnosis that does not require immediate emergency action. Informed patients realize that the diagnosis of any individual physician is not infallible. Two heads are always better than one!

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Can I Attract New Patients with Second Opinions?

Over the last few years, more and more research has been coming out showing the value to patients of receiving a second opinion for rare or complex diagnoses. In a now well-known study, 88% of patients referred to the Mayo Clinic's General Internal Medicine Division by outside physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians from primary care practices received a new or refined diagnosis. Another study found that diagnostic errors affect 1 in 20 adults in the United States, representing a possible 12 million patients each year receiving a misdiagnosis. Still another study showed that receiving a second opinion improved the diagnostic error rate from over 50% to 26% in the model used. 

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Does Virtual Care Create a Better Experience for Patients?

When considering new programs for your hospital, it is important to prioritize improving the patient experience. There are a lot of initiatives that could achieve this goal, but leveraging the right technology to deliver care to patients regardless of their geographic location is an initiative that can not only increase your current patient satisfaction but also attract new patients to your organization.

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Which Purview Solution is Right for Me?

So, you are on the market for a technology solution to support your organization in accessing medical records more efficiently… now what? The answer depends heavily on the unique issues that you are trying to solve. 

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How Can I Measure the Success Of My Telehealth Program?

Success comes down to value. Value, ultimately, for your patients which can be translated into dollars and cents and happy customers. Given the many healthcare initiatives hospitals can proceed with, why choose second opinions? And if you do, how do you measure the success of that program? 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the value proposition of a virtual or ‘Digitally Enabled’ healthcare program was abundantly clear. Enabling patients and even healthcare workers to stay home when and where possible freed up essential space in hospitals and other facilities and reduced the risk of transmission.

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