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Expert View™ enables healthcare organizations to reach and connect with more patients across new geographies for remote access to the finest medical expertise. Purview thoughtfully combines automation and self-service, with a human touch, to streamline the entire process. 

From patient onboarding to medical records and payment collection, Expert View™ makes it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to facilitate everything from pre-surgical consults to expert second opinions. Cases can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

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Whether extending patient access to a few sought after specialties or across the organization,
Purview's plans are designed to scale with you as you grow, delivering the ROI you expect.





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Expert View Pricing FAQs

Which Expert View™ plan is best for me?
The Expert View™ plans are differentiated by the number of divisions supported. There is no limit to the number of seats provided for administrative support. If you are not sure how many personnel you need to support, reach out to us.
What is the difference between your products Purview Image™ and Expert View™?

Purview Image™ focuses on the medical image space. It is best suited for clients who only focus on medical image review.

Expert View™ captures and organizes the complete set of records for the entire patient case, from clinical notes, to the patients questions upon intake. It is commonly used for online second opinion programs and pre-surgical screening. 

Does Expert View™ support international programs?
Expert View™ supports international patients in any location. Local international partners may access patients referred to you right inside Expert View™.
How does Purview support legal and compliance issues?

During onboarding, Purview works with client stakeholders, including your legal department, to define accepted jurisdictions based on your organization's legal strategy. Purview leverages its extensive research on domestic licensure for issuing medical consultations under episodic care. Similarly, Purview works with organizations like the American Telemedicine Association, as well as the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) U.S. Cooperative for International Patient Programs (USCIPP) to incorporate best practices and due diligence on international licensure and privacy issues. 

Note that Expert View™ is also designed with compliance in mind, including the dynamic jurisdiction monitoring feature. This allows your organization to select accepted program geographies, both domestically and internationally, within the system. Expert View will alert your staff when a request arrives outside of the accepted areas.

How will Purview help my organization to market our program?

In parallel with the program’s strategic planning, Purview’s marketing team will work with you to align with your brand standards, ensuring a consistent patient experience, putting your brand front and center. Purview will collaborate to develop internal marketing strategies to ensure buy-in and adoption across the organization. Ahead of your program’s launch, we will work with you to identify market positioning, specialties, geographies, demographics, as well as new and existing marketing strategies that can be leveraged to raise awareness for your program. In collaboration with you, we will identify strategic partnerships and assist in implementation of outreach efforts ahead of go-live. We collaborate with your marketing team(s) to ensure a seamless patient experience from online to in-person, including follow-up and collection of patient testimonials.

Do you provide case administration?

Yes! Our team uses a unique "Adaptive Services" delivery approach to enable our clients to flexibly staff the service components of their programs and adapt these services as our clients' needs change clients can perform as much of the administration process as desired and offload the rest to Purview.

How do you assess program performance?

Purview works with clients early in the onboarding process to identify and recommend key metrics and benchmarks. Data is summarized and  available in real-time within the Expert View platform. Users can quickly review fluctuations in case volume, completed requests, cases by geography and division, patient and physician satisfaction, and more. With Expert View, organizations have immediate insight at their fingertips from summarized performance data, enabling informed decision making.

What does asynchronous mean?

By design, asynchronous, also called ‘store-and-forward,’ avoids the hassle of having to schedule real-time, in-person communication between a patient and their medical team. This enables your team to be more productive.

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