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Purview Image™ leverages a zero footprint, web-based viewer, structured reporting and sharing capabilities, unlimited storage and unlimited users with pricing designed to scale with your organization. Whether you are an individual practitioner, a small practice, or a large hospital system, Purview Image™ is ready to support your imaging needs.

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 *If you generate more than 500 per month, reach out to us for a quote.

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Purview's comprehensive professional services will take
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Single Sign-On (SSO)
Single sign-on (SSO), makes it easy for your physicians and health care personnel to securely log-on from anywhere, with any device, and with one set of credentials. Implementing SSO is an additional cost and service. Learn more about single sign-on.

Integration With RIS, EHR, Modality Work List, or Third Party System
Purview regularly handles integrations with local EHRs, modalities, and other local systems, allowing an automatic push of records to the cloud or sync between systems to help your team accomplish more, faster. The Purview team regularly integrates with various types of systems. Reach out to learn more.  

Comprehensive Security Reviews
If your institution requires more than Purview's standard security review, professional services can be engaged to complete a custom inquiry.
Reach out to learn more.  

On-Site Training and Onboarding
Some government entities and larger organizations may benefit from or desire on-site training. Simply let your sales representative know and we can include this option in your package. Note that virtual training is already included in your Purview Image™ onboarding.

AWS GovCloud (US)
Purview offers secure connectivity to clients requiring GovCloud (US), as well as any other type of unique cloud storage. GovCloud (US) is a specialized cloud computing environment designed exclusively for U.S. government agencies. It offers enhanced security measures and compliance with strict regulatory requirements, ensuring sensitive data is protected. GovCloud enables government entities to leverage the benefits of cloud technology while meeting their unique security and compliance needs.

Purview Image Pricing FAQs

Which pricing tier is best for my organization?
The primary difference between pricing tiers is the number of studies you generate per month. In the basic tier, you can generate up to 75 studies per month, 200 with the pro tier, and up to 500 with the enterprise tier. If you generate more than 500 per month, simply reach out to us for a quote.
What counts as a study?

A single patient imaging session from a single modality in a single procedure counts as one study. For example, the same patient getting both CT and X-Ray scans would count as two studies due to using two modalities. 

*Note that studies over 1 GB may be subject to additional charges.

How do you charge if I have multiple locations?
Purview spends additional time to set-up and maintain multiple organizational locations, so there is typically an additional flat fee per location.
Is there a set-up or onboarding fee?

Yes. Purview charges a one-time setup fee, which includes connecting your modalities, training users, and other onboarding tasks to help you start leveraging the power of Purview Image™ right away. The standard installation fee is 22% of the total annual price. Note that installation fees for custom quotes may differ. 

What options do you offer for payment? What if my organization is outside the United States?

Purview offers multiple ways to pay and already serves clients across 42+ countries. We accept all of the major credit cards, ACH, and wire transfer. Purview offers a savings for customers who enroll in autopay. Ask your Purview Representative for details.

Can I switch between pricing plans?

Yes, you can switch between plans anytime. 

Can I lock my pricing in for multiple years?

Yes, Purview offers multi-year pricing, ensuring that your account is locked into the pricing you receive upon signing. Your sales representative will provide these options for you to review. 

Note that accounts not in a multi-year contract will renew annually and will receive an annual price increase.

What would it cost to upload studies from my previous system?

Typically, legacy data migrations are evaluated on a per-client basis. Price can vary based on the count of studies, size of the studies, and where they are located.

What happens if I leave Purview and need to migrate my data?

We're sad to see customers go and would love to keep them. For clients who are terminating, we can provide the data back to you on an external device in DICOM compliant format.

Will Purview ever delete my studies?

When customers purchase a Purview Image cloud account, they are paying for unlimited studies and unlimited user accounts. Purview will not delete your imaging records unless you ask us to.

Do you offer a trial of Purview Image?

Purview provides a 90-day money back guarantee for clients who are not satisfied with the Image solution. During the first 90 days, you will work with a dedicated implementation specialist to ensure that your needs are met. We typically find that once you are set up with the cloud, you won't want to leave!

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