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Purview is a software-driven healthcare company seeking to increase health equity, connect more people to better care, and improve health outcomes by providing a way to securely organize, share, and access remote medical records for diagnosis or treatment.

Every human being on the planet should have access to the best possible healthcare. Through our technology, advocacy work, and the human touch we bring to customer service, Purview enables patients in over 170 countries to consult with top providers, leading to better outcomes and patient experiences.

What Makes Purview Different?


Health Equity

The Purview team is passionate about improving health equity by providing access to quality healthcare. We serve all patients, regardless of status and location.


Proven Product

Patients and doctors alike enjoy Purview’s easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, which builds on our patent-pending uploader.


Scalable Solution

Through the integration of software and services, Purview leverages technology to automate scalability, while preserving the human touch.

Our Awards

Best of Annapolis

Best of Annapolis Awards for Telehealth Software 8 years in a row!!

NYU Endless Frontier Accelerator

NYU Endless Frontier
Accelerator 2021 Graduate

Baltimore Business Magazine

Baltimore Business Magazine - 16th Largest Software company in area

Purview Gives Back


With 88 percent of second opinions resulting in a refined or updated diagnosis, everyone who needs one should have access to a remote consult. Purview’s philanthropic work is an extension of our commitment to improving access to second opinions throughout the world.

The Mike Shane Memorial Fund

Mike Shane PhotoThe Mike Shane Memorial Fund is a non-profit, entirely volunteer-led organization founded by Purview, that distributes grants to patients who need a second opinion.

Mike Shane Fund

The Horos Project


Horos is free, open-source software Purview sponsors to
keep medical image viewing accessible.

Horos Project

The Evolution of Purview


Purview Image™ launches. Pioneering cloud-based imaging software enables remote access for radiologists.


Purview forks Osirix™, which becomes Horos™, an open source initiative. 


Purview® Expert View™ launches. Purview extends software to facilitate remote second opinions. 


Purview donates Expert View to the Mike Shane Fund


The COVID-19 pandemic begins and accelerates the demand for remote second opinions and remote care.

A Growing Company with a Large Impact


Purview is a mission-driven, virtual company with hubs in Annapolis, MD and Florianopolis, Brazil. Our global team aims to improve outcomes for patients, make lives easier for providers, and change healthcare for the better through technology.


Let’s change healthcare together.

Join Us!


Second Opinions Can Save Lives

This is my life banner-1

Twelve years later, Lisa Craine recounts her experience after she was first diagnosed with a rare and deadly cancer, cholangiocarcinoma. If Lisa simply accepted the first diagnosis, she would not be here today to tell her story. Lisa sat down with Purview’s Samantha Winters to share her story, provide anecdotes, and lessons learned from navigating these challenges. When asked how she overcame the common fear patients face when asking for a second opinion, Lisa says, 'this is my life.' Lisa's experience puts the importance of second opinions into perspective for many. Read more about Lisa's story.


Health Equity is the Core of What We Do


Organizing, viewing, and accessing medical records for remote consults should be seamless. Book a call with Purview to learn how our software can make sharing records and facilitating remote consults accessible for virtually anyone, anywhere.

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