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Les Trachtman, EE, JD, MBA

As Managing Director of Purview, Les Trachtman drives Purview’s shared mission to improve medical outcomes and access to quality medical expertise for millions of people, regardless of geography. Les is a seasoned entrepreneur, educator, and author with over four decades of experience in strategy, consulting, and start-ups. Les is also an adjunct instructor at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, where he shares his years of experience and insights with the next generation of business leaders. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, MIT and other academic institutions, as well as a board member of The Metro Group. Les is also known as the author of the Amazon bestseller "Don't F**K It Up, How Founders and Their Successors Can Avoid the Cliches that Inhibit Growth", and a blogger on founder succession and other topics. He is passionate about sailing, traveling, and challenging the status quo.

how can i give remote consults out of state?

I’m a Provider. Can I Give Consults to Patients Outside of My State?

Telehealth exploded at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as patients and providers scrambled to find safe, effective ways to receive and deliver care remotely. While its popularity has more recently receded, it is fair to say that telehealth is now an engrained component of our healthcare delivery system.

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The Visual Verdict: DICOM vs. JPG Images in Legal Proceedings

When an attorney is deciding between easy-to-handle JPG images or larger and bulkier DICOM files to illustrate their clients’ medical issues, which is better? Should you take the easy way out? 

What you may not know is that the file format for these images can significantly differ, impacting their integrity and relevancy to your case. If winning your case is important to you or your client, you probably shouldn't take the easy way out. 

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When is a patient a patient?

Hospitals and their specialist providers often raise the question: “When does a patient become ‘my patient,’” when seeking to provide medical services remotely, where the patient is in a geography that doesn’t fall within their current licensure. While this may seem like a simple question, its complexity can be determinative of a potentially complex legal issue.

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