How Will Brexit Affect Storage and Privacy of UK Residents' Private Health Information?

As a global company, we have had multiple clients and prospects in the United Kingdom inquire about how the current situation with Brexit will affect storage and privacy. Here is a brief update regarding possible post-Brexit shifts in privacy regulations.

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What's Wrong with US Health Care?

The U.S. spends more per capita and as a percentage of GDP on health care than any other country. However, it ranks 9th among comparable countries, well below the average, in terms of its amenable mortality, or the rate of deaths considered preventable by timely and effective care, and 12th in life expectancy. What factors contribute to these statistics and what is being done about it?

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Using Purview for Radiology Modality Tech Support

Purview’s solutions can be used in a variety of ways, as we’ve seen with many of our customers. Recently, one of our newest clients came up with an innovative use for Purview’s cloud-based platform. This international-scale medical imaging modality vendor, which serves veterinarians and physicians, was seeking a way to increase the productivity of their service technicians (techs) and reduce wasted time and resources.

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How Can Patients Send Physicians an Existing DICOM Medical Imaging Study?

Suppose that a specialist physician in California is corresponding with a patient that has an urgent illness and is located in Texas. He'd like to schedule an emergency appointment. But to properly confirm and address the diagnosis, the physician needs to see the patient's medical imaging studies. Unfortunately, sending a CD through the mail is costly and wastes valuable time, and also runs the risk of the CD getting lost in transit or arriving broken or unreadable.

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How Much Does a New PACS Cost?

Most PACS have a maximum useful life of somewhere in the range of seven to ten years. If yours is nearing that age, you need to begin considering your budget for a new PACS. A PACS of the ’00s vintage (2000-2009) likely was very expensive and static, meaning that it was available almost exclusively within the four walls of your facility and has a fixed amount of storage. You probably purchased the PACS from your modality vendor or from a company with a brand name that made you feel comfortable that your decision would be viewed as “smart.” But since the time you purchased your PACS the world of digital medical imaging has changed! 

So how much does a new PACS cost?

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