3 Reasons You Should Charge Your Patients for Access to Their Medical Images

Many physicians we speak with think it is heresy to charge their patients for access to their own medical images. There are a host of good reasons they use in opposing our view: They say they don't want to "nickel and dime" their patients. Or, that they are focused on satisfying their patients and that this charge is a dissatisfier. We understand why they feel that way. But, we implore them to consider changing their opinion. Here’s why…

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Should Patients Have Access to Medical Images?

As a responsible physician, you may worry about the potential effects of giving your patients electronic access to their medical images. However, many of these fears aren’t justified by the facts. If you’re worried about the dangers of giving your patients access to their medical images, the following may help to put your mind at ease.

Let’s take a look at the risks and benefits of sharing medical images with patients:

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5 Reasons Why Subspecialists Hate When Patients Bring in Medical Imaging CDs

If you are not yet convinced to give up burning CDs for your patients, then you might want to review what the recipient of these discs thinks about your current practice.... 

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Replace Your Bad Habit of Burning CDs with a Better (Free) Alternative

I talk with healthcare providers every day about what a pain it is to burn CDs or DVDs for their patients. It's costly, it takes time, and no one (patients, office administrators, and the doctors themselves) likes this outdated, bulky method of delivering images like x-rays or CT scans. Even so, they are reluctant to give up this bad habit.

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Tell Your Doctor: CDs Are History

Using CDs or DVDs to transfer X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc. is an ineffective and antiquated method for delivering medical images. With today's advanced technology there are better options. Why not use your mobile phone instead?

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