How Online Second Opinions Can Help You Harness Your Hospital's Brand

Patients today are less concerned with (and less bound to) your physical location than they are of the potential impact on their health. Consumer habits are changing, and healthcare is no exception. While patients may heed the recommendation from their primary care physician for specialized or emergency care, they are likely also serving themselves by doing internet-based research.

So, what happens when your hospital is not answering their questions? And what questions are your potential patients asking? The wholesale adoption of telehealth during the COVID pandemic exposed patients to the effectiveness and convenience of remote telehealth visits expanding the potential geography of their selected provider. In this article, we will explore how you can serve the patients who are searching for your services without requiring them to travel and how you can ultimately attract more brand authority in a crowded space.

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Build vs Buy: Enterprise Medical Software

It may be appealing for a healthcare organization to consider writing their own enterprise medical software to specifically meet their unique needs. Commercial software is generally written to serve the more general demands of the healthcare industry and often doesn’t address the nuances of each particular organizations' operations. This makes it attractive to the in-house team to believe that it uniquely understands these peculiarities and dive head-first into the deep end to begin to code.

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Which Telehealth Services Should My Organization be Offering?

It’s no surprise that the current global pandemic has accelerated telehealth’s adoption. More and more patients are looking to manage their care remotely and early indications point to the increased use of telehealth services being here to stay even after economies reopen. That said, you might find yourself asking, “which telehealth services should my organization be offering?”

It’s a fair question considering the various options that exist in the market but we hope to be able to provide some guidance below.

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How to Collect a Complete Set of Patient Records Prior to a Consult

Most of the attention that telehealth has garnered over the past year has focused on using remote technology for synchronous virtual patient visits. During portions of 2020, these visits represented as much as 70% of all patient encounters.

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Attracting International Second Opinion Patients

Although much international travel has been curtailed due to the pandemic, healthcare organizations are still finding a ready audience with prospective patients abroad. Without in-person visits, delivering medical care to patients can be challenging. However, remote second or expert opinions can overcome these geographic inconveniences without sacrificing great medical care.

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