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Welcome to the 'Virtual Front Door'

Anisette has been diagnosed as having early-onset Parkinson’s Disease.  She knows this is a difficult condition to diagnose correctly and that its repercussions will change her life. While she holds her physician who gave her the diagnosis in high regard, she recalls that one of her friends had an acquaintance that had been misdiagnosed and wants to be sure. Like most people, Anisette immediately goes online to try to understand her options, searching not only for information, but clarity and understanding. For Anisette, it’s imperative to ensure that she has taken every practical step in her own healthcare journey.

Over the last decade, the opportunities for patients seeking online information for a medical condition have greatly changed. Almost 3/4 will do their initial investigation online. Many seek out top specialists and programs in their particular field, but inevitably, experts are not always located nearby. Digital solutions can open access to patients who live anywhere with wifi.

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The Case for Multidisciplinary Review During Remote Second Opinions

Often referred to as “tumor boards,” multidisciplinary cancer treatment planning conferences can help patients gather input from a diverse panel of experts to holistically inform their care. Specialists range from all areas of cancer treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, pathology, radiology, and genetics, among others.  Review of complex or unusual cases in a tumor board is routine in most cancer centers and considered a marker of high-quality care.

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