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Posted by Purview on Mar 24, 2016 2:37:49 PM

Savvy patients are demanding access to their medical information. They know that capturing this information at the point of treatment will save them time and aggravation should they need them in the future. Patients need more than a collection of their medical histories. They demand radiology reports, pathology reports, diagnoses, prescriptions, electronic health records, and medical imaging. 

In a HIS Talk article, a patient describes how it took him over six months to gain access to his medical records. With high-speed internet access being extended to most consumers, why hasn’t it become commonplace to share and access medical information via the internet? The reality is that patients would prefer this service yet a minority of healthcare providers supply it. 

A Diagnostic Imaging article dispels the misconception that patients will be calling frantically trying to diagnose themselves and brings to light the reality that delivering access to patient imagining is a win for everyone involved. 

Our team delivers ViVA, a cloud-based platform, that extends medical imaging to our clients’ patients for easy, simple access. With an easy method of implementing patient access, doctors have much to gain.


Patient satisfaction is important

What better way of having more engaged patients than by sharing with them a copy of their medical images and their reports? In a 2012 Harris Interactive Poll, 65% of patients said they were interested in online access to clinical data. The biggest concern is that patients will be calling the center frequently, but Dr. Mendelsohn, president and medical director of Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology on New York’s Long Island says that, “If I estimate one to two calls per week per radiologist, I may be overestimating it.

For meaningful use and accountable care organizations, it’s all about patient satisfaction. Sharing more information with patients easily and instantly can only lead to higher levels of satisfaction considering the increasing demand in health record access.


Good for patients and the business

Patients are anxious enough waiting for the results to come back, why make them wait any longer? Satisfied patients will be happier if they can access their information as soon as it’s ready on Friday rather than waiting the entire weekend becoming more stressed.

It’s also an added convenience to the patient as well. We all move, misplace, forget, and are busy. The convenience of accessing images and reports from any device or web-browser alleviates any stress and delivers a service that means a lot to a patient seeking care.

The business has reason to benefit for cost savings alone. With the cost per CD around $25, there is plenty of room for implementing a patient access portal and save money depending on how many CD’s you’re burning each year.


Easy, seamless implementation

The benefits are clear and patient demand is increasing for more access. A 2014 Accenture survey found that the majority of U.S. consumers believe they should have full access to their electronic medical records.

So how do you get started today?

You’re probably thinking that you will have to replace and implement a brand new system. Before you go searching for a replacement, consider a simple extension of your current environment to extend patient access. 

Purview provides patient access by connecting your existing central PACS or modalities to the cloud. ViVA integrates seamlessly with your current environment to extend access to images for viewing and sharing anywhere, anytime from any smartphone or tablet. Add patient access without disrupting your practice or interrupting care delivery

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