What is a DICOM Uploader?

DICOM files are an essential part of the diagnosis process for many practices. Currently, the standard method for transferring DICOM data is via CDs. However, if your practice has ever burned or received a CD with a patient's data on it you've likely thought to yourself: "there has to be a better way." The good news is, there is! 

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Which Purview Solution is Right for Me?

So, you are on the market for a technology solution to support your organization in accessing medical records more efficiently… now what? The answer depends heavily on the unique issues that you are trying to solve. 

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How to Access DICOM Data From Multiple Locations

You likely landed on this blog because you need a more efficient way to share DICOM images between locations. Whether it's to expand your practice or merely increase efficiency, centralizing your images is a sure step towards streamlining your workflow. Read on to learn how each of your practice locations can access the same database.

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Topics: Imaging Centers, Medical Imaging, Remote/Consulting Radiology, Hospitals, Cloud PACS, Healthcare Technology

How Do I Upload Scans to the Cloud From My Modality?

How do I upload scans directly to the cloud from my modality? It’s a popular question these days and one asked by people from varying medical backgrounds. Let me do my best to answer this question in general terms without getting overly technical.

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Topics: Imaging Centers, Specialists, Remote/Consulting Radiology, Cloud PACS, Healthcare Technology

3 Reasons You Should Charge Your Patients for Access to Their Medical Images

Many physicians we speak with think it is heresy to charge their patients for access to their own medical images. There are a host of good reasons they use in opposing our view: They say they don't want to "nickel and dime" their patients. Or, that they are focused on satisfying their patients and that this charge is a dissatisfier. We understand why they feel that way. But, we implore them to consider changing their opinion. Here’s why…

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