8 Ways to Use Purview Image™ That Might Surprise You

Did you know that you can save time by using dictation within Purview Image™? Or edit a DICOM image for anonymization, to correct errors and so on? There are many use cases for Purview Image with a growing customer user base ranging from radiology to veterinary to research and education. Whether you've been using Purview Image™ for years or are just getting started, here are some of our favorite ways to use it: 

1. Uploading Images

DICOM files can be automatically uploaded to Purview with a simple drag and drop.

20230920 pi upload drag and drop

Users can share a link to allow other individuals to securely upload medical images to their cloud.

202309626 pi dicom upload page



2. Flexibility When Viewing Medical Images

Users can view medical images from any device from anywhere at any time.
Purview utilizes an FDA-approved viewer for primary diagnosis in the United States.

20230920 pi view

Users can arrange hanging protocols in the web viewer to
compare images at the study, series, or individual image level.

20230920 pi hanging protocols

Purview can also be used on phones and tablets.
Cellular networks are sufficient for image viewing.

20230920 brebix 3D mobile view



3. Viewing Studies in Horos

Scans stored in the Purview cloud can be quickly downloaded into Horos for viewing.
This feature is only available on Mac computers and requires the file to be stored locally.

20230925 pi horos launch brebix



4. Reporting Online

Users can create radiology report templates with customized branding,
formatting, multiple signatures, and key images.

20230920 pi dictation

Users can also dictate into the Purview Image Report Builder
using any dictation software that works on a browser.

20230920 pi report



5. Sharing Studies

Users can securely share images and reports electronically.

20230920 pi share



6. Activity Logs

Administrators can view the actions performed in the system
including user logins, study access, downloads, etc.

20230920 pi activity logs



7. Editing DICOM

Users can easily edit DICOM fields to consolidate records, fix typos, and grant
access to users based on Referring Physician or Institution tags (see User Management below).

20230920 pi edit dicom



8. User Management

Administrators can create unlimited users in their account. Filters user accounts can
be created based on Referring Physician and Institution tags, or on individual study assignment.

20230920 pi user mgmt

After scrolling through the features, you may have seen a tool that you may not have used before.
Check out the Top 10 Ways to Use Purview Image webinar to hear Purview's product specialist dive
into the details on how the tools in Purview Image a can improve your workflow.

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