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Horos vs Purview Image, Osirix, etc.

Horos & Purview Image - What’s the Difference?

Horos, a free medical image viewer for Mac computers, is used around the world by over half a million (500,000) users in over 170 countries due to its powerful capabilities, ease of use, and free price point. Clinicians, researchers, students, and even IT professionals can easily handle medical images in a powerful viewer moments after downloading the program. With all of that in mind, what obstacles do Horos users run into that lead them to seek a purpose-built solution like Purview?

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How to Share Multiple Studies Simultaneously

Over the years, we've worked with countless imaging facilities, radiologists, researchers, and other experts to share medical records electronically with Purview Image™. Their feedback has provided invaluable insight into ways we can continuously improve on the Purview Image ™ solution. Some of our users have discussed gaining even greater efficiencies by sharing multiple image studies of a patient in one electronic link or email at a time. 

This week, we are covering exactly that - the Purview Image™ multi-share feature! Learn how you can reduce the number of steps it takes to grant someone access to a case with multi-study sharing.

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Will the DICOM Router Save Me Time?

Over the past decade, we've found that the amount of medical images and other records that are being shared electronically has exponentially increased from a combination of improved cloud computing capabilities and the market's desire for data mobility. The 2020 pandemic spurred further innovation and adoption, as physicians and patients all over the world required digital solutions to function. As the adoption of electronic sharing grows, both physicians and patients benefit from increased access to medical records and reduced lead time. There are a few ways to share studies electronically, but some are more efficient than others. 

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8 Ways to Use Purview Image™ That Might Surprise You

Did you know that you can save time by using dictation within Purview Image™? Or edit a DICOM image for anonymization, to correct errors and so on? There are many use cases for Purview Image with a growing customer user base ranging from radiology to veterinary to research and education. Whether you've been using Purview Image™ for years or are just getting started, here are some of our favorite ways to use it: 

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Doctor on Deck: How Health Workers Can Take a Break

With just a few weeks left in August, Summer is in full swing. Temperatures are high, long nights remain, and celebrations are aplenty. Post-pandemic 'revenge vacations' are still a thing in 2023, and have hit the healthcare industry especially hard. During a health worker shortage, how do you ensure all employees get the time off they need to recharge, while continuing to ensure you have full patient coverage? Patient emergencies can emerge at anytime.

This is where flexible cloud solutions, like Purview Image™ come in. If you need to be available for emergent situations, Image allows you to view patient images on any device and from any location, at anytime. So whether you end up on the beaches of Hawaii, or simply need a staycation, you can opt to stay as connected as you'd like. Perhaps you can even extend your stay, knowing that your patients will be taken care of regardless of where you are?

Let's scroll through a few fun examples while you're soaking in the rays and even try it out for yourself! Have you ever seen an x-ray of a sea turtle, a CT of a dolphin, or iguana? 

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