Patient Access

Improve Your Patients' Experience with Self-Service, Online Access
to Their Medical Images and Reports

How It Works

Purview Patient Access

We'll PAY YOU to stop burning CDs. Interested? Contact us here.

With Purview’s Patient Access, provide your patients with quick and painless online access to their medical images and associated reports. They can easily share these with their referring physicians or specialists without having to contact your office.

Other benefits? There are plenty:

  • Patients can use their laptop or cellphone to access and share their images
  • Save money and time by not having to burn and mail CDs, which can be lost, forgotten or damaged
  • Includes web-based DICOM viewer 
  • Reliable Customer Support for you and your patients
  • Guaranteed to save your practice money
  • Free for providers with Patient Pay

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Want to learn more about delivering patient imaging with Purview?

Contact us for more information  (Let us know if you want to get paid to stop burning CDs!)

A Client Story: Delivering Patient Images in an Urgent Care Facility

Dr. Robert Graw, CEO of Righttime Medical Care

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