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Patient Access

Offer your patients an app to view and share their medical images at no cost to you

How It Works

Stop burning CDs.

Technology is advancing and so are your patients. CDs will be obsolete before we know it (do you even remember floppy disks? Yeah, me neither). Are you prepared to offer a solution to your patients who need to get their images?

With Patient Access:

  • Patients can view, share or download their images from their phone
  • Staff will not be bogged down burning and distributing CDs
  • App includes a diagnostic-quality, web-based DICOM viewer 
  • Reliable Customer Support for you and your patients
  • Free for providers with Patient Pay
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with a personalized, live demonstration

Have more questions about Patient Access?

A Client Story: Delivering Patient Images in an Urgent Care Facility



Want to learn more about delivering patient imaging with Purview?

Contact us for more information  (Let us know if you want to get paid to stop burning CDs!)