The Boundaries of Horos: Key Takeaways from the Webinar

In case you missed the webinar, How Far Can Horos Go?, where Les Trachtman and I spoke about Horos, here's a recap!

Horos is a free medical image viewer for Mac computers that allows users to view studies that are locally stored on their machine. It's great for quick and easy access to scans that you have a local copy of.

Although it has its perks, there are a few drawbacks to Horos. The limitations of Horos include no Windows PC version, limited reporting options, and no FDA approval for primary diagnosis.

Common issues for Horos users include:

  1. Running out of storage space on the Mac (lack of storage/backup)
  2. Cumbersome process to share images with collaborators (lack of sharing capability)
  3. Inability to access scans remotely (lack of mobility)

To provide a solution that enables sharing, access, and mobility of scans, Purview created Image, a platform-agnostic, cloud-based system that can be used by Horos users wherever, whenever, and on any device (including mobile phones and tablets).

The benefits of the Purview Image solution include:

  1. Platform agnostic - users can access their images from any device with a web browser

  2. Cloud-based - users can stream the images online instead of downloading locally, saving storage space on their machines

  3. Robust reporting - users can create professional reports online and share an electronic copy of the report and medical images with the patient, colleagues, or referring physicians

  4. Forever storage - medical images and reports are stored in the cloud, allowing you to have peace of mind regarding record retention

Pairing the Horos viewer with the Purview cloud allows users to share studies with colleagues on other devices, access images remotely, and maintain a cloud-based backup for data retention.

Want to watch the conversation between me and Les? Click here to learn more about how far Horos can go.

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