Race to the Top with Purview Image: Streamline the Review of a Horse's Medical History

As a track or equine veterinarian, it's important to ensure that horses are healthy and fit to race before the season starts. This not only helps each horse to perform at their best, but puts you in a position to succeed by avoiding unexpected complications. Pre-inspection is a crucial step in the process of ensuring that horses are healthy and ready, and when it comes to reviewing a horse's medical history quickly and efficiently, Purview Image™ is the tool vets rely upon.

What is Purview Image?

Purview Image™ is a digital platform that stores medical records for horses, making it easy to access and review their medical history. It's a cloud-based system that allows veterinarians to view images of previous examinations, radiographs, ultrasounds, and other medical reports. The cloud platform can be accessed on any device, anywhere, and directly in the browser, making it a convenient tool for veterinarians who work on-site or on-the-go.

How Purview Image Helps Veterinarians Review Horses' Medical Histories:

Purview Image has emerged as an invaluable tool for veterinarians, especially when it comes to efficiently reviewing horses' medical history prior to the race season. Here are a few ways the Purview Image™ helps veterinarians:

  • Quick and Easy Access to Medical Records:
    With Purview Image™, veterinarians can quickly access a horse's medical records and review their medical history in one place. This allows for a more comprehensive review of the horse's health status, which is critical when it comes to pre-inspection.
  • Receiving and Sharing Medical Records:
    Purview Image™ allows vets to easily upload, share, or request medical images to be uploaded directly to or from the cloud PACS, avoiding the wasted time and hassle of dealing with CD's, or other time consuming means of retrieval or sharing. 
  • Better Diagnosis and Treatment: When veterinarians have access to a horse's complete medical history, they can make better diagnoses and provide better treatment. This helps ensure that the horse is in optimal health before the race season starts.
  • Avoiding Trouble: Having access to a horse's complete medical history can help veterinarians avoid trouble with unknown complications. If a horse becomes injured or sick during the race season, the veterinarian can quickly refer back to the horse's medical history, even while working on-site, to determine if there were any pre-existing conditions that may have contributed to the problem.

Final Takeaway

Purview Image™ is a powerful tool that can help veterinarians review horses' medical history quickly and efficiently.  Our customers have found they are able to make better diagnoses, provide better treatment, and avoid any trouble during the race season. If you're a veterinarian looking for a convenient and effective way to review a horse's medical history prior to the race season, then Purview Image is definitely worth considering. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help streamline your practice!


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