How Tungsten Medical Network Delivers on Quality and Service for ENT Practices

Tungsten Medical Network

If you are an ENT subspecialist, you’ve probably heard of Tungsten Medical Network. If you haven’t, you probably should. Tungsten is a leading supplier of in-office CT scanners focused entirely on the ENT market. Everything Tungsten does is centered around quality; from the Morita scanners they sell to the white glove support they provide to all of their clients. 

Curious where their name came from? David Luick, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Tungsten Medical Network explained tungsten is “the element that is used in X-ray tubes for both the anode and cathode.” Not many people know it, but their name pays homage to the science behind your CT scan!

How they Differentiate Themselves

Tungsten entered the ENT market in a way that was fundamentally different from its predecessors and current competition. Instead of just selling equipment, they decided that ENT practices needed a comprehensive solution that served their complete scanning needs.  From specification, to set up, to certification, to service, Tungsten’s Essential Service package ensures that physicians can focus on what they do best and leave the rest of their imaging issues to their partner - Tungsten. 

When Luick started Tungsten about 4 years ago he immediately recognized the value in enabling off-site storage and high-resolution views of the images his CT equipment was capable of generating.  Tungsten originally attempted to create their own PACS, as many modality companies have in the past have tried. Tungsten quickly learned that their homegrown solution was not scalable at the quality and speed they desired. Luick decided to look elsewhere for a partner that specialized in PACS cloud storage and quality image viewing.

Valued Partners

With Tungsten intensely focused on customer service, his team tested several image viewers and cloud storage software, but were disappointed to find they were still too slow or antiquated. When he came across Purview, his mind was quickly made up. “Purview stuck out for a few different reasons. Chief among them is how fast the images are available after the scan. I’ve seen a lot of PACS systems over the years, and this is among the best” David explained. 

Tungsten’s Essential Service package includes comprehensive service, physics testing, IAC accreditation support, strategic marketing, as well as the Purview offsite PACS. Online imaging viewing is a popular option that more and more of his customers are demanding. With the partnership between Tungsten and Purview, ENT practices that acquire a new CT machine can have cloud backup for their images and have the option to add image viewing capabilities. In the time of COVID-19, it has been increasingly important for physicians to gain fast access to the images and as a result, adoption of that feature has been on the rise. 

Another differentiating feature setting Tungsten above the rest is the images are stored and viewed in industry standard format (DICOM), as opposed to a proprietary format. The accessibility and universality of the images equips ENT practices with the tools to keep their practice afloat in a time when the healthcare landscape is adjusting to a new normal.

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The most invaluable aspect of Tungsten Medical Network’s offerings is their dedication to their customer success and their comprehensive support program. Purview is proud to partner with such a prestigious firm, and we are happy to continue our support of their endeavors with Purview software for cloud storage and image viewing!

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