How Can I Help My Doctor Help Me?

Posted by P. Varma on Nov 21, 2017 1:00:00 PM

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Most people don’t particularly enjoy doctor visits - with the exception of certain children that actually do get joy out of the colorful array of bandaids and lollipops. For the most part, there is a stigma surrounding the ominous doctor’s visit. It’s obvious isn’t it? You go to the doctor when something is wrong, when you need answers, and sometimes when you need hope. This may frustrate you more, but the ugly truth is that your physician doesn’t always receive your medical imaging in time. It’s not practical by any means, and while we as patients might think that our medical imaging is instantly available to our doctors the same day it’s taken - that is not the case. Here is how you can support and speed up the process to ensure that your doctor has eyes on your records with sufficient time to plan out your treatment.

It Doesn't Have To Take So Long

The truth is that all of these medical facilities, imaging centers, practices are incredibly busy. They don’t just see patients. They are responsible for the transportation of your medical images (amongst many other things). The transference of your MRI, X-ray, CT, or whatever isn’t always going to be instantaneous. It takes time, because for the most part there are many practices that still share medical images via snail mail. That’s right, they burn CDs and DVDs that have your data on them, package them, and mail them out by their preferred mail carrier. So, unless if your imaging center or physician is overnighting or expediting these packages, chances are it’s going to take a few days before your records arrive where they need to be.

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You Can Expedite The Process

Having the power to make a difference in your treatment and not do something about it is a lost opportunity. What is important to note is that the imaging centers, physicians, and even mail carriers are not entirely at fault. In fact, there is a relatively simple fix: a patient portal. Essentially a patient portal gives the power to the patient. It allows you to be a participant in your healthcare. What’s truly unique about such a medium is that it propagates the transportation of your medical images.

PiX is our patient portal, and the best thing about it is that it allows you to share your images with your physician instantly. Just one click. Basically, you still get the CD or digital file from the location where you took your medical scan. From there, you upload the CD and share the images with your physician. Don’t want to share them anymore? You can stop at any time. Your physician will receive an email when you share any records. So you are now in control of when your images are being delivered and viewed by your physician. This gives your doctor more time to go over your records and plan a treatment according to your diagnosis. It eliminates the stress on all parties involved.

Final Thought

Having medical scans done is nerve racking. The wait until that appointment is brutal. However, what is more frustrating is the realization that those scans that you are so concerned about are not guaranteed to get where they need to be with time to spare. PiX, a patient portal, is one way to bypass that issue completely. You can not only share your images with any physician you want; they can access your diagnostically approved images anywhere in the world on any device. So no excuses. Want to learn more about how you can take charge in your healthcare? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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