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how much does a cloud pacs cost?

How Much Does a Cloud PACS Cost?

While on-premises PACS continue to predominate many large institutions, more and more practices are considering a cloud alternative as their current PACS nears the end of its useful life. Typically, an on-premises PACS has a maximum useful life of somewhere in the range of five to ten years. If your PACS is older than 5 years, you may need to begin considering your budget for a new PACS. When you do, you might consider a cloud-based PACS as a potential replacement.

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How Tungsten Medical Network Delivers on Quality and Service for ENT Practices

If you are an ENT subspecialist, you’ve probably heard of Tungsten Medical Network. If you haven’t, you probably should. Tungsten is a leading supplier of in-office CT scanners focused entirely on the ENT market. Everything Tungsten does is centered around quality; from the Morita scanners they sell to the white glove support they provide to all of their clients. 

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Modality Vendors Find an Incremental Profit Opportunity With Purview’s Cloud

Modality vendors often face a common challenge during the sales process: their devices are too large to bring to a prospect’s office for a demonstration. Even if they did, the setup and safety of temporarily operating the device for this purpose is beyond reason in just about every situation. So how does the modality vendor, especially one generating high resolution images in multiple dimensions, show off the capabilities of their device to a prospective customer?

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Australia Cloud Storage for Medical Imaging

How to Access Australia Cloud Storage for Medical Imaging Without Breaking Privacy Laws

Healthcare professionals around the world are realizing that Cloud access is making it easier for them to share and access medical images while away from their office or while they are mobile, giving them more flexibility. Sharing medical images for second opinion, with other experts and even patients is an increasingly important aspect of patient care.  Utilizing the cloud to enable sharing allows us to control access to these images without exposing them or violating the privacy of a patient. 

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