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Race to the Top with Purview Image: Streamline the Review of a Horse's Medical History

As a track or equine veterinarian, it's important to ensure that horses are healthy and fit to race before the season starts. This not only helps each horse to perform at their best, but puts you in a position to succeed by avoiding unexpected complications. Pre-inspection is a crucial step in the process of ensuring that horses are healthy and ready, and when it comes to reviewing a horse's medical history quickly and efficiently, Purview Image™ is the tool vets rely upon.

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should I move my legacy dicom data to the cloud?

Should I Move Legacy DICOM Data To The Cloud?

Now that you are looking to move your practice to a cloud PACS, it is time to consider what you want to do with your legacy data. The medical records that you currently have in your practice need to be retained in accordance with your local jurisdiction's laws. Some doctors choose to just keep the legacy data on their workstations or where it was originally stored. Others consider options like migrating that data onto the cloud. While the choice to migrate data over to the cloud is personal, we have worked with a lot of clients who consider what to do with their legacy data and recommend considering the following before making your decision.

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is it legal to email medical records

Can You Email Medical Records?

For years, medical practices have been distributing patient records back and forth via email. So you may ask yourself, “if it's not broke, why fix it?” Well... it actually is broken. Apart from being an inefficient way to distribute large files, refusing to invest in a secure platform to send and receive sensitive data can cost your practice more than money.

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