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access dicom from anywhere

How to Access DICOM Data From Multiple Locations

You likely landed on this blog because you need a more efficient way to share DICOM images between locations. Whether it's to expand your practice or merely increase efficiency, centralizing your images is a sure step towards streamlining your workflow. Read on to learn how each of your practice locations can access the same database.

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do I need dicom viewer software to diagnose remotely?

How Can I View DICOM Images Remotely?

Due to the size of DICOM files, viewing medical images remotely can be difficult. In addition to the bulky file size, you must also be careful to keep your patient's e-PHI secure. Complexities aside, it is important for many modern practices to be able to access medical images remotely to avoid delaying appointments, procedures, or treatments. There are many options out there, but understanding the benefits and disadvantages is an important step in deciding which remote viewing method is best for you.

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how much does a cloud pacs cost?

How Much Does a Cloud PACS Cost?

While on-premises PACS continue to predominate many large institutions, more and more practices are considering a cloud alternative as their current PACS nears the end of its useful life. Typically, an on-premises PACS has a maximum useful life of somewhere in the range of five to ten years. If your PACS is older than 5 years, you may need to begin considering your budget for a new PACS. When you do, you might consider a cloud-based PACS as a potential replacement.

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