Hurricane Irma: Did It Take Your Medical Records?

Posted by P. Varma on Dec 14, 2017 2:30:00 PM

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Hurricane Irma is still affecting countless families in the Caribbean and Floridian waters. It is estimated that certain localities which are already without electricity should expect to stay in the dark until the end of 2017. Thousands of island inhabitants have been rendered without food, water, and shelter. Many of which have been injured by the storm’s fury. However, to make things even worse, there are locations where over 90% of buildings, including hospitals which have been devastated. Medical records have been destroyed and remain unaccounted for as people attempt to rebuild their lives.

But wait - we live in the age of technology. Surely that means that our private health information is impenetrable? False. If businesses, medical practices, imaging centers, and hospitals do not have sufficient backup strategies, their equipment is at risk. A hard drive can fail, a computer can crash, a building can be ripped away with everything inside turned to shreds. And that is the situation we are looking at in the wake of the hurricane’s wrath. With hospitals like St. Thomas’ Schneider Regional Medical Center collapsing from the brunt of the storm, countless individuals are immersed in a limbo with their healthcare. With no records on the person, medical staff and volunteers in these locations are doing the best to their ability to provide ample treatment. Unfortunately, without appropriate medical documentation there are some who have been rendered even more helpless as their treatment has become stunted by the lack of pertinent information. There are diabetics that cannot walk up to a standing pharmacy and get their insulin. Elderly with dementia no longer have the proper records revealing their individual ailments and prescriptions. These are simply two of the many scenarios being unveiled in the aftermath of Irma. The silver lining? We have found a way to help prevent this from happening to you again, or ever.


PiX is a patient portal allowing anytime-anywhere access to your medical records and images onto any device. It puts the power back in your hands: the patient and original guardian of this information. With PiX you take the time consuming overnighted mail parcel out of the equation. So instead of having your imaging center or physician mail your records to your specialist, you can do it yourself in a single click.

PiX vs Irma

It shouldn’t be considered an afterthought. PiX is a cautionary measure that everyone with a medical record should consider. It allows anyone to share their diagnostic records and images with any physician in the world. So in the case of Irma, where over 90% of structures have been destroyed in given geographies and patients are left without any access to their medical records. They cannot simply pick up and go to any doctor for treatment. Since there are no records, it’s possible that the testing and imaging would have to be repeated in order to get treatment.

With PiX, all of these individuals could have added their medical imaging to their account. Hence, after the hurricane, they could go to any physician anywhere and get the right treatment versus relying on being re-tested and bombarded with more radiation. They could pick up any device that can be connected to the internet and be able to view and manage their records. It doesn’t matter if the practice, imaging center, or hospital that originally held your records is ravaged by a natural or manmade disaster. PiX ensures that you never have to rely 100% on anyone else for your medical records and images. So long as you can gain access to a device that can connect to the internet, you are only a click away from your private health information.

Final Thought

Losing everything - your home, your car, your irreplaceable knick knacks and heirlooms - it’s heart wrenching. While we don’t have the power to ensure that you never befall such a loss, we can provide you with a way to prevent you from losing access to your healthcare. PiX - it guarantees you have your images when you need them, where you need them. While it can be used to replace your middleman mail carrier; it can also be used in dire situations where you need that backup in order to maintain your health.

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