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The Top 10 Hottest Purview Blogs of 2022

As we near the end of 2022, we reflect on the past year of Purview's most read and shared blogs. Ranging from the new idea of establishing a 'virtual front door' in healthcare, to the impact of second opinions in pathology, patient resources, and the challenges that surround licensure in telehealth, these topics continue to resurface as we establish research and standards to inform what is best for today's patients in a rapidly changing field. 

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Are Remote Second Opinions an Option in Orthopedics?

Earlier this year, I injured my hand during a martial arts training session; I heard a popping noise at the same time that I felt a lightning bolt go through my finger. Ouch! Later that hour, I was in an urgent care center getting an x-ray taken of my hand. Working for a cloud-based medical records company, I figured that a doctor would need to see my scans someday, so I asked the x-ray technician how I could get my images to my provider. He told me that he can burn a CD for me and I can take it to my visit. Easy enough.

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