Modality Vendors Find an Incremental Profit Opportunity With Purview’s Cloud

Modality vendors often face a common challenge during the sales process: their devices are too large to bring to a prospect’s office for a demonstration. Even if they did, the setup and safety of temporarily operating the device for this purpose is beyond reason in just about every situation. So how does the modality vendor, especially one generating high resolution images in multiple dimensions, show off the capabilities of their device to a prospective customer?

Purview works with several modality vendors who have figured out that if you can’t bring the device to the prospect, bring the next best thing: the images. With Purview’s cloud, these vendors can display images produced by their modalities, in real time, on the prospect’s own workstation.

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. In the case of modality vendors, the picture is worth all of it. After all, a medical or veterinarian scan produces a high-quality study that enables a trained physician to carefully review the case and provide a diagnosis. While price and system requirements play a role in the buying decision, ultimately the prospect requires a modality that produces a clear, diagnostic-quality image. What better way to demonstrate the modality’s capabilities than by showing the images it produces?

Vendors using Purview’s cloud are able to show off their device’s powerful capabilities by remotely connecting and displaying the high-quality imaging results produced by their modality. By establishing a library of images in advance and storing these in the Purview cloud, the sales professional can display images on-demand for the client to review. This enables them to show off the power of their device without lugging around a large and heavy machine. They could even provide a demonstration to a prospect halfway around the world by offering a remote screen share or video call, expanding their prospect base enormously.

By arming their sales team with a browser-based medical image viewer, a Purview account and a bit of training, the vendor company can enable their sales team to “make their devices dance,” as one modality sales representative told us after using this set up.

Ultimately the entire process is about the quality of the image. Obviously, the device’s capabilities, flexibility and price are major factors in the sales engagement, but without an excellent resulting image, there will be no sale.

As mentioned, modality sales professionals using the Purview cloud have the flexibility to demonstrate their devices from anywhere in the world. These sales reps can become more productive and produce more compelling presentations with Purview’s high-quality viewer. Often, modality sales representatives are far removed from the actual PACS that their customers use. By using the Purview cloud to access images from their modality, the sales professional can more closely relate to and demonstrate what their customer’s actual usage experience will be like.

Some modality vendors have gone a step further to provide a valuable experience for their prospects. Realizing that their modality is only a part of the whole solution the customer will use, some vendors include the Purview cloud as either a repository or a full-functioning PACS along with the modality as part of the sale. They “resell” the Purview cloud with their name and logo attached, to expand their solution from end to end. Modality vendors who have done this noted that offering a cloud PACS to their modality customers enables them a perpetual connection to their client and, in some cases, the opportunity for a revenue annuity along with it. Purview has a “reseller” program that enables modality vendors to include the PACS as a part of their solution and, as a result, generate an ongoing margin on that portion of the sale.

This not only generates incremental profit for the modality vendor, but it also brings the vendor closer to the customer’s experience and ongoing needs. Modality vendors would generally prefer to handle the related customer’s needs without allowing an unknown vendor to deliver part of the solution. By establishing a complete solution for the customer, the modality vendor avoids the potential finger pointing among vendors if and when an issue arises.

Purview’s reseller program for modality vendors makes this relationship work smoothly and helps to support the vendors in their sales opportunities. From training sales reps to participating in sales call demonstrations, Purview’s goal is to maintain a seamless relationship to increase modality vendor sales and to ensure the customer receives the solution they desire.


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