Could MedStar have prevented interruptions in care?

Posted by Purview on Mar 31, 2016 9:04:30 AM

A virus attacked the computer network of MedStar Health early on March 28, forcing the medical network to shut down its online database. The FBI is investigating the breach, which comes weeks after similar cyberattacks on other healthcare providers. (WUSA9)

Medstar has already experienced four consecutive days of attempting to operate with no computers or access to electronic patient medical data. While their clinical facilities are operational, they are operating with paper charts and records.

MedStar operates ten hospitals and 250 outpatient facilities in the Washington DC area including Georgetown University Hospital (right in our neighborhood). According to sources who worked closely with MedStar, “everything has slowed down tremendously. Appointments and surgeries will be delayed.”

By our count, this is the fourth hospital system that has been recently attacked causing the shutdown of their electronic systems and rendering electronic patient data inaccessible.  This is now reaching epidemic proportions, and no one is sure what or who is causing these disruptions. Industry pundits expect this is not the end of this issue, and there is little that these hospitals can do to prevent these attacks. Or is there?

Purview has a solution that would go a long way towards reducing the impact of a disaster like this.   With Purview TRU CloudTM, all of the provider’s medical imaging would remain available even when the hospital's IT system is completely shut down.  TRU Cloud is a Temporary, Resilient, Uninterruptable cache of the facility’s last ninety days of images accessible from any location. Doctor’s can continue to access images from any browser, tablet or smartphone disconnected from the hospital’s IT infrastructure unimpeded.

Purview’s TRU Cloud is very inexpensive insurance in the event of a disaster like the one at Medstar. It provides hospital administrators and IT professionals with the comfort of knowing that images are accessible and  patient care can continue no matter what.

For a limited time, Purview is installing free proof of concepts for interested hospital systems.
To learn more, download our TRU Cloud Fact Sheet and contact us today!

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