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use virtual care to improve patient satisfaction

Does Virtual Care Create a Better Experience for Patients?

When considering new programs for your hospital, it is important to prioritize improving the patient experience. There are a lot of initiatives that could achieve this goal, but leveraging the right technology to deliver care to patients regardless of their geographic location is an initiative that can not only increase your current patient satisfaction but also attract new patients to your organization.

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collect your medical records

Medical Records Requests: What to Expect

Whether you are looking to collect your medical records to switch doctors, get a second opinion, or to keep your own records, the process can be rather long and cumbersome. Records collection processes can vary drastically depending on the institution you are collecting from and the types of records you are seeking. Every institution has different processes, different request forms, and even different departments charged with record collection. This blog is meant to highlight the most common methods and hurdles we have found in the record collection process, it is by no means an exhaustive list and is only meant to introduce you to this process.  

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do I need dicom viewer software to diagnose remotely?

How Can I View DICOM Images Remotely?

Due to the size of DICOM files, viewing medical images remotely can be difficult. In addition to the bulky file size, you must also be careful to keep your patient's e-PHI secure. Complexities aside, it is important for many modern practices to be able to access medical images remotely to avoid delaying appointments, procedures, or treatments. There are many options out there, but understanding the benefits and disadvantages is an important step in deciding which remote viewing method is best for you.

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