Why Imaging Centers Need Cloud Access

Imaging Center

Imaging Center

Still burning CD’s at the end of each patient visit? That is so 1999. If you find that your imaging center has to lengthen each patient’s visit due to burning their images onto physical media and/or mailing those images out to Referring Physicians , fret not - the solution you have been waiting for is here. In fact, this is old news, because this technology has been here for some time now. So, if you are trying to get off the expensive bandwagon of burning CDs and DVDs for every patient you see, continue reading to learn how you can remedy that.

CD’s Are A Black Hole

No one likes the process of burning CDs. It takes time. It is an excruciatingly cumbersome process. The publisher doesn’t always work. If your hardware is down, someone has to physically come onsite to do repairs. And... it’s costly. Overall, the solution of burning medical images onto CDs and DVDs worked well once. However, back then we didn’t have any other option but giving patients their images in a physical form to take to their next appointment. In fact, even if you provided them with the content, chances are you still had to mail out those images to the Referring Physicians on file. It doesn’t matter how big or small your imaging center is, this is a money pit. It’s an overwhelming black hole where valuable time and dollars are lost due to a solution that is just not up to standard.

Think about it this way, what are the costs associated with this solution?

  1. How many trees lost their lives so that you could overnight medical images?
  2. How much water was wasted?
  3. How much does that Publisher cost? Maintenance? Blank CDs? Postage? Envelopes?
  4. How much are you paying your staff? Is it really worth the time they are spending on these CDs, or could they be imaging more patients in that time?

If you currently burn CDs, you have costs associated with each of these points. Ready to eliminate every single one of them? Keep reading.

Referring Physician Portal to The Rescue

The Cloud is present in every imaginable business from accounting to your public zoo. Over the past few years, it has become the crux of healthcare imaging. Here’s how adding a Referring Physician Portal to your existing infrastructure will help you save big money and get rid of all that frustration you are harboring due to burning CDs…

The Portal is a Cloud based solution that can be embedded into any existing business. So long as you have reliable internet access, you are a candidate. The Portal grants you anytime anywhere access in a matter of moments. That means you can share (through a secure channel) patient images and records with the Referring Physician on file instantly. So, here’s how you save all that money - you can get rid of your publisher, blank CDs, postage, and envelopes previously taking up physical space at your practice. But don’t take our word for it. We asked one of our imaging center clients point blank the value a Referring Physician Portal brings to them. Their answer was short, sweet, and most likely music to your ears: due to all the money they have saved with the Portal, they can now hire more full-time employees to tend to their patients.

Final Thought

Stop wasting money on CDs. There are better, faster, and cheaper ways to provide your patients and their Referring Physicians with medical imaging. Share images in moments versus days and start thinking about what you are going to do with all that money you are saving with your new, more efficient and effective solution. Watch our webinar on how a Referring Physician Portal can smooth out the workflow for your Imaging Center today. Or contact us for a complimentary consult and we’ll figure out together what the best solution for your use case is.SAM Sessions Webinars



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