Should I Encrypt Medical Imaging Data?

Encryption is just one aspect of the bigger picture regarding data security. It is particularly important for health care facilities and medical practices. Many national and local regulations require health care providers to encrypt private health information (PHI). Although, even if you aren’t legally required to encrypt your data, it’s still the best practice to do so.

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Dragon Medical Voice Recognition Now Integrates with Cloud PACS Radiology Reporting

If you utilize radiology reporting in your practice, you know how time-consuming and frustrating the process of generating reports can be. This is especially true if you rely on manually creating your reports, rather than dictating them, with the support of voice recognition software.

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How to Get Better PACS EHR Integration with Modality Worklist

Imaging centers that produce a high volume of studies every day, or that use multiple modalities, often struggle with their workflow in the face of strong patient demand. If you use DICOM imaging studies, there is a solution: Modality Worklist (MWL).

So, what exactly is MWL, and how can it provide you with a seamless electronic health record (EHR) integration?

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Is Cloud Storage Right for My Medical Imaging Modality?

For many health care practices and facilities, the cloud holds a lot of promise for the storage and access of medical imaging studies, by physicians and patients alike. The good news is that cloud storage can typically find an application for nearly every type of medical imaging modality, from CT scanners to MRI machines and everything in between.

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Can Horos Integrate with the Cloud?

If your practice is currently relying on Horos to store medical images, you may want to consider looking toward a cloud-based picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to provide expanded storage capacity, as well as more robust sharing functionalities.

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