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WUSTL Logo ClrDr. Govindan of Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine Discusses Second Opinions During a Cancer Diagnosis with Purview Recorded February 21, 2023

Dr. Govindan provides insight into when it might be time for a second opinion or even third opinion during a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Govindan also provides encouragement and insight into ways local physicians can collaborate with specialty physicians from afar, especially when patients require ongoing care. Dr Govindan has spent nearly 25 years researching and specializing in the treatment of lung cancer, and pioneering studies, including serving as co-chair of the Cancer Genome Atlas Program for lung cancer, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Govindan is sought out as a specialist in the field for his extensive experience and expertise, which often comes in the form of a physician consult or second opinion. Read the full summary or watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form (right).

Roswell Park Branding GuidelinesDr. Schwaab of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Discusses Second Opinions During a Cancer Diagnosis with Purview Recorded May 2, 2023

Founded in 1898 as the nation's first cancer center, Roswell Park set the standard for today's multidisciplinary approach to the highest quality cancer care. Dr. Schwaab will join Purview to discuss how Roswell Park has become more than just a local hospital for their immediate region, but also a source of knowledge for the cancer community and destination for second opinions. Many patients look to Roswell Park for expertise as they navigate their cancer diagnosis and treatment options.

Dr. Schwaab, Chief of Strategy and seasoned uro-oncologist at Roswell Park, has brought innovation to the institute and patients alike. Listen as he provides insight into how second opinions work and when they are best leveraged, and what the future holds with institutions like Roswell Park. Read the full summary or watch the full webinar by filling out the form (right). 


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