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Fostering Relationships Between
Hospitals and Foundations
Recorded: Wednesday, November 9th 2022 12 NOON EDT (GMT-5)

Patients and their families are often overwhelmed with information and difficult decisions following a serious diagnosis, like cancer. Trying to decide what information is important versus irrelevant can seem impossible. This is why many foundations provide guidance with curated educational content, communication channels, support groups, FAQ's, and access to specialty providers through second opinion programs. Foundations act as a source of comfort, education, and advocacy, with members oftentimes having dealt with the same disease themselves. 

Panelists from
Target Cancer, the Mike Shane Memorial Fund, and the Cleveland Clinic discuss ways they are already doing this - collaborating together to find the best path forward for the patient.

Jim Palma
Executive Director at Target Cancer &
Member of the Board of Directors
for the National Organization for
Rare Disorders (NORD)

Lisa Craine
Founder of Craine's Cholangiocarcinoma
Crew & Board of Directors Member
for The Mike Shane Memorial Fund

Peter Rasmussen, MD
Chief Clinical Officer
the Clinic by The Cleveland Clinic
& Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon

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