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Providing access to the rural  population through physician collaboration

Did you know that U.S. rural populations have a higher incidence of cancer, are less likely to undergo cancer surgery, and typically experience worsened chances of survival? Dr. David Shalowitz discusses his research on the impact proximity has on rural patient populations, specifically in cervical cancer. The research implores us to consider better ways we can deliver quality care that is also convenient and affordable

Dr. Edwin Bogonko, Chief Medical Officer of DiaspoCare, is actively working to answer these same questions. The difference is that DiaspoCare does not only serve rural patients, but patients an entire continent away, in Africa. DiaspoCare is tasked with not only making the connection with these patients, but solving every challenge along the way; payment, access to medication, access to expertise. The ratio of physicians to patients in African countries is about one third of that in the U.S. DiaspoCare's mission is to bring this expertise directly to those that need it.

Les Trachtman, Purview's CEO, hosts this conversation, sharing Purview's experience in the logistics of facilitating physician to physician collaboration, which can occur remotely, asynchronously (at the physician's convenience), and at lower costs. Watch on-demand.           

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Dr. Edwin Bogonko Dr. David Shalowitz
Chief Medical Officer
Gynecologic Oncologist
Atrium Health Wake Forest
Baptist Health






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