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Reaching Further With Digital Strategies:
How Some Top U.S. Children's Hospitals
are Leading the Way


Leaders in telehealth from top U.S. Children's Hospitals, Cincinnati Children's, Nationwide Children's, Texas Children's and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, discuss the positive impact digital strategies have had or can have on opening access to care.  Panelists shared the challenges they have navigated that other organizations may also face in implementing digital health programs, such as concerns over health equity. Second opinion programs have emerged as a popular option for extending services to new geographies.

In this clip, Kori Morrison, from Cincinnati Childrens Hospital, provides an overview of how their program utilizes asynchronous telehealth. This application, sometimes called the 'store-and-forward' method, is an emerging segment of telehealth, known for providing  improved flexibility and throughput for crowded hospitals and busy physician schedules.

This webinar originally took place on September 22, 2022 at 2PM Eastern, hosted by Purview's CEO, Les Trachtman with panelists; Laura McLaughlin, Telehealth Program Manager at Nationwide Children's Hospital; Vanessa Swickline, Sr. Project Manager of Telehealth at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh; Meagan Howard, Senior Manager of Strategy and Innovation at Texas Children's Hospital; Kori Morrison, Senior Program Manager and Strategic Marketing Professional at Cincinnati Children's Hospital

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