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How Alphavet Veterinary Diagnostic and Imaging Center Uses Purview Image

The nation of Greece is drowning in plastic waste. Open landfills, careless tourists, and low recycling rates have created a seemingly inescapable problem, with plastics pollution having become ubiquitous in the country’s marine ecosystems.

Internationally, more than 13 tons of plastic waste makes its way into the ocean each year, endangering wildlife, disrupting ecosystems, and further acidifying the water. Microplastics have been detected in the air and water as far north as the arctic, highlighting the need for dramatic action.

While everyday items such as bags, bottles, and straws are some of the better-known sources of plastic pollution, many fail to consider the impact of medical imaging discs. Once a staple of medical imaging for pets and people alike, advances in technology and the mounting impact of single use plastics have prompted many practices to look for an alternative.

“We needed something to communicate better and help us consume less plastic by not using any more CDs or DVDs,” said Dr. Ioannis Panopoulos. “For these reasons, Purview Image is an extremely helpful tool.”

For more than a year, Alphavet’s care team has put Purview Image through its paces day in and day out to view, report, and share medical reports and imaging with owners and fellow veterinarians.

“I love Purview because we can work offsite and contribute to the increased flow of the caseload,” says Panopoulos.

Purview Image’s online reporting platform is a perfect fit for Alphavet’s busy environment, allowing radiologists and veterinarians to access scans remotely and offer diagnoses from across multiple devices. This flexibility ensures critical cases are able to receive immediate attention, even when a veterinarian may not yet be onsite to begin care.

“An online viewer provides quick communication to the client, to the referring vet and to the supervisor of the case,” Panopoulos says. The referring vets and the owners are so happy to have a quick view of the images and the report online.”

Purview Image’s cloud-based architecture enables Alphavet to focus on caring for their patients, knowing all of the behind the scenes maintenance has already been handled. As the practice continues to grow and evolve, Alphavet knows they have a partner in Purview Image.

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