Why Every Physician Needs Mobile Access to Medical Images

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Having the ability to share and access medical images anytime, anywhere is a great feature to have in your Cloud PACS infrastructure. It allows you the flexibility to not have to be at your desktop to view your images. But have you put much consideration into having mobile unlimited access to your medical images? What if you could access your patient’s records on any device, anytime, anywhere? What if these images were diagnostically approved?

Make a Diagnosis Anywhere

Having anytime anywhere access to medical images is only truly beneficial if you are able to be flexible with the medium used to view the records. If you are forced to use a Mac workstation, regardless of your location, that could get to be frustrating. If you are a surgeon or even a physician on call, having flexibility with the devices you use is a great freedom; because sometimes, even being tethered to a laptop can become an inconvenience.  

If you are using a Cloud powered PACS and are not able to take advantage of viewing medical images on your mobile devices, talk to your PACS administrator. For those that are using a web browser supported medical viewer, your PACS vendor will most likely give you the good news themselves. Since with a web browser, your viewer and worklist are not tied to a singular workstation, you should have the ability to pull up your PACS account on any device, anytime, anywhere - so long as you have internet connection.

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Mobile Makes a Difference

If it’s not obvious, here’s why going mobile with your medical imaging is such a big deal. Below are just three of the many scenarios that could possibly happen to you. Or who knows - maybe you have already been in these situations, but found yourself without the capability to access your patient records on devices outside of the hospital.

Scenario 1:

You live in a metropolitan city where you take public transportation or ride sharing apps frequently. If you know you have an important case coming in today, or a big surgery in the afternoon, you can pull up the relevant records on your tablet while on the train, bus, Uber or Lyft.

Scenario 2:

You are on call, but decide to go out for a quick dinner. While you are ordering appetizers, your phone rings and you have to go to the hospital. Instead of waiting to get to the hospital to view the images of an obstruction, or whatever the reason is for a patient coming in - you could instantly access those records on your mobile device at the restaurant. This gives you an advantage going into the hospital, since you now know more than you would have if you had to wait to get there.

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Scenario 3 :

Have a long flight with a large patient load? You can make that time fly by doing reads while up in the air. Just log onto your account from your preferred tablet, Windows PC, MacBook, or even smartphone. It’s more than just viewing medical images. You can make notes, annotations and marks on your images the way you would from your workstation at the hospital.

Final Thought

Handheld mobile devices are one of the greatest evolutions in technology. They literally give our fingertips access to the world. So, if billions of people around the globe can access their email, documents, music, business files, and patient portals from their devices….why stop there? Technology may not be perfect, it may even have its faults; however, one this is for certain - without these aforementioned technological evolutions, modern healthcare would probably not be so modern. Talk to your PACS vendor today to begin accessing your medical images on the go, anytime, anywhere….on any device.

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