The Underserved: Who uses medical images?

Posted by Phil Jackson on Jul 23, 2014 10:45:28 AM

Who uses the most medical images? The underserved doctors and sub-specialists.

Consider how often patients are asked to have medical imaging studies performed and reviewed. Although the patient is the one who is getting the image, the sub-specialists and doctors analyzing the images are the ones who are consuming the image studies.

Each day, practices refer patients to these sub-specialists who are inundated with patient imaging studies. Despite the surge of demand, it’s pretty remarkable that the technology and delivery of radiology images and results are so mediocre. Even worse, the technology currently available hasn’t gotten faster, cheaper, or easier to use.

The inefficiencies that exist today are prevalent across the entire industry. Sub-specialists are used to battling slow turn-around time for radiology results, poor film quality, CDs that take several minutes to load, and "portals" that require Internet browsers from the dark ages.

Thus, what we refer to as the "underserved" is born - a group of radiology imaging consumers who are neglected when it comes to technology that makes imaging more accessible and consumable!

So how does Purview begin to help the underserved?

First, we start with OsiriX.

OsiriX is the #1 medical image viewer in the world. An open-source platform built for importing DICOM images from CDs provided by patients and streamlining access with desired tools on any Apple computer or iOS device.

The reason why we love OsiriX is because it offers so much for free. Instead of dealing with slow load times, featureless image viewers, or single copy of data on a CD, OsiriX offers powerful image viewing in addition to fast image loading and CD importing.

We have found the OsiriX lends itself to those who are underserved looking to make imaging more accessible, available, and consumable. Purview has 20 years of OsiriX and open-source software implementation and support. We believe that medical imaging doesn’t have to be expensive or inaccessible.

To learn more about OsiriX, enroll in OsiriX University with one of our free webinars to learn about the software or enhance it. Or, visit our blog for tips, tricks, and latest updates to the platform.

OsiriX is just one of the ways we continue to help the underserved. What’s another way? Why with the Cloud, of course! Find out next time how we leverage cloud technology to help doctors and sub-specialists access their medical imaging studies.

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