What is Patient-Centered Care?

October commemorates the 35th year of Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month.

While the term “patient-centered care” might be new to some, the concept is universal: health care should focus first and foremost on patients’ needs.

We all should have a say in our health care. Doctors should include patients in treatment decisions. Patients should take an active role in managing their care options.

Patient-centered care done right should enhance patient experience, promote patient advocacy and improve quality of care offered by medical professionals and institutions.

We believe strongly in patient-centered care. For too long, the needs of patients have not been met when it comes to medical images. These vital records have not been readily available or accessible to patients.

Doctors charge for extra copies to be made. Patients have to spend time and energy managing multiple physical copies in different formats. Images can even be lost or degraded, making diagnosis and treatment more difficult.

Our philosophy is that patients should be in control of their medical images. This gives them a stronger voice in their health care decisions and empowers them to take an active role in managing their health care.

Purview helps promote patient-centered care by:

  • Simplifying the storing, collecting, protecting and sharing of medical images.
  • Allowing users to seek second opinion from specialists across the country and around the world.
  • Eliminating the need for patients to have duplicate medical images made or carrying large X-Rays, MRI photos or CDs from specialist to specialist.

Video Transcription

October is Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month.

And with that it emphasizes that you, me, everyone has a say in their care. It’s about patient empowerment. It’s about democratization of healthcare.

It’s exactly in line with what we do at Purview.

Purview provides a piece of the total patient care puzzle to manage and share your medical images. With Purview, a patient can organize all of the medical images that they have acquired in their care process and share them with other healthcare providers with just one click.



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