Tips on Tuesday: DICOM Cine Playback

Posted by Purview on Apr 5, 2016 12:26:06 PM

 For this week's tip we learn how to use the DICOM cine function in ViVA.

Do you use the cine function when viewing DICOM files? Would you like to view these medical images from anywhere, on any device?

Now you can with Purview ViVA.

With Purview ViVA's universal viewer, you can use the cine function to view ultrasounds, angiograms, and other medical images with cine playback. Launch the ViVA viewer from any web browser and select the series you would like to view. To view the cine, select the menu icon Screen_Shot_2016-04-04_at_1.23.12_PM.png and then select the cine icon Screen_Shot_2016-04-04_at_1.32.55_PM.pngfrom the pop-up menu.

If you would like to select multiple series to view simultaneously, select the 1x2 Screen_Shot_2016-04-04_at_1.34.41_PM.png, 2x1 Screen_Shot_2016-04-05_at_12.19.32_PM.png, or 2x2 Screen_Shot_2016-04-05_at_12.18.16_PM.png icon. Double click the series to display in the empty window to play mulitple cine files and compare studies from the same or related studies.

Our web-based universal viewer can help deliver patient care anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s from your Android™ phone, iPad®, or any web-browser on a PC or Mac®, view your patient's current and prior medical images with a few clicks.

Want to learn more? Download our Guide to ViVA here:

Download ViVA Guide

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