Tips on Tuesday: Medical Imaging Collaboration

Posted by Purview on Mar 22, 2016 3:49:55 PM


This week, we will be focusing on how to collaborate with medical images in real time with other physicians.

Have you ever needed to show a medical image to someone who wasn't in the same room? We can help with that.
Purview ViVA’s universal viewer offers real time collaboration tools. Simply start a new collaboration session by clicking Screen_Shot_2016-03-22_at_1.01.22_PM.png icon within the viewer and send the invitation to any physician or patient. Enable the collaborator(s) access to view, measure, manipulate, or view patient information or restrict access to viewing only. Render in full 3D volume or MPR right on your phone or web-browser.
No need to wait on a CD to be shipped or until the next time you're in the office. Real time collaboration allows physicians to come together and improve medical outcomes.

Contact us to start collaborating today!

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