Spotlight: Epica Powered By Purview

Epica Powered By Purview SolutionsIf you’re in the veterinary space, you’ve probably heard of Epica. If you haven’t, then you have come to the right place! The Epica way is a “better, safer, smarter” approach to veterinary care. Their amazing state of the art modalities are manufactured in Italy, the home of innovation and invention itself. But it doesn’t stop there - Epica’s team has created a technology that now allows the capability to treat animals suffering from conditions that were previously deemed untreatable or missed completely. It’s literally lifesaving technology.

It Started As An Idea…

If you are like us, your animals are your family. My family lost our Rottweiler, Karli, last year to a sudden (but severe) bone cancer diagnosis. It wasn’t that it felt like a death in the family….it was a death in the family. The people over at Epica feel the same way about animals. In fact, that’s the core of the reason why Greg Stoutenburgh founded Epica and Epica International. He, like many, had begun to notice that there was an unusual balance in the way animals receive veterinary care - specifically in the medical imaging process. Greg felt there must be a way to integrate technology to create a better solution for animals that would compare to that provided for humans. That’s where this journey began. Greg and his team wanted to ensure that patients in the animal kingdom were getting the best care, and that veterinarians had the best diagnostic tools on hand to treat veterinary conditions.

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The Vimago & The Pegaso

What started out as frustration with the available modality equipment in the veterinary industry led to the reinvention of the CT into a 3D imaging platform. Epica now proudly offers 2 such modalities: the Vimago which can take images of any animal from 2oz - 200lbs, and the Pegaso which was made with the equine community in mind. Both modalities allow images to be scanned up to 0.9 3D. Which is really cool, because it means that anyone with a fundamental knowledge of anatomy can read these images. Not only that, but these modalities use up to 60-90% less radiation when compared to a traditional CT! In fact, in the past 2 years alone, Epica has become the largest seller of CTs to veterinary the world. And truly, the results are absolutely stunning. We feel it’s safe to say that once you see the Vimago and Pegaso images, you won’t want to go back to your traditional modality. But don’t take our word for it - take a look!

From the start, Epica made the decision to stay true to their mission and perfect modalities. Hence, they never intended to get into the PACS world. Their goal was and still is to allow veterinarians to view clear and spectacular images which will help with the treatment of their patients. That’s where Purview comes into the picture. While modalities are great, in order to provide a client with all their needs a Cloud based solution is necessary. By partnering with Purview, Epica now can ensure that their clients are supported with the total package: amazing modalities with the ability to have SAM - the ability to share, access and go mobile with veterinary images.

Final Thought

For businesses that don’t already offer the total package to their clients, a Purview partnership is a power packed combination. It not only provides clients with the power to see their patient’s images like never before; it allows them the ability to share those images with pet parents and other veterinarians. With a Cloud based solution, clients can access images remotely from anywhere in the world so long as they have internet access. So, in the words of Epica, if you want a solution that is “better, safer, smarter”, consider your options.

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