Resellers: 3 Reasons Why A Cloud PACS Is For You

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Cloud PACS Reseller

Every year, the mere concept of traditional software is becoming more and more outdated. In fact, all roads now lead to the SaaS model. So, as a reseller, why wouldn’t you partake in an opportunity to partner with a Cloud PACS is SaaS after all. In fact, in nearly every industry, the Cloud IS the business of the future. And for resellers, here’s how a Cloud PACS is a total game changer…

1. The Money

Traditionally, in the world of software, resellers have made money on the one-time fee their clients pay to their vendor. Pretty much, you bring home a percentage of that. It’s one and done, and if the product is either not that great or not priced correctly, you are looking at a disappointing number. That’s not the case with the SaaS model. When reselling a Cloud PACS solution, you have more opportunities for financial gain that you would with traditional software. In fact, you should expect the following: revenue generated from sales as well as recurring monthly revenue. How? Well, if your client renews their service, you are subject to earn commission. If your client decides to upgrade their solution or increase the number of studies they will be viewing per month, you are again eligible to earn commission. While initially, a traditional model may appear to bring in more revenue, you should understand that a Cloud PACS offers you long term financial gain. Instead of plateauing, you will see a steady increase. Your traditional software products or even a local PACS can’t do that. By partnering with a Cloud PACS vendor you can use that money for anything from R&D to a business acquisition.

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2. It’s More Attractive to Customers

In our experience we have found that there are three big things that really attract clients: affordability, customization, and easy accessibility. That’s the lure to a Cloud PACS solution. You get the logic of a local PACS and you get SAM: the sharing, access and mobility of medical images. That's right sharing, as in with the click of a button your client can share diagnostically approved images with another physician or a patient. They no longer have to worry about burning CDs and mailing them out. Additionally, they no longer have to use a non FDA approved method of storing images such as (cough) Dropbox. It's a win-win. Besides happy customers are much more preferable over angry ones. Unlike with a modality or local PACS, your client upon purchasing a Cloud PACS solution doesn’t have to pay an exorbitant amount up front. It’s much more economical than that. In fact, all you client does is make affordable payments each billing cycle as predetermined on their individual contract. With a Cloud PACS you get customization. At Purview we understand that the needs of each client vary, because each use case is so unique. It’s nearly impossible to put flat fees on standardized products, because a Cloud instance can be molded into whatever your client needs. Hence, depending on how abstract their solution is, they will pay accordingly. A local or hospital PACS forces your client to be stuck at the office after hours trying to read an image. Accessing and managing stored images is cumbersome, frustrating, and often requires far too much of a time investment. With a Cloud PACS, your client can literally access their images anywhere in the world at anytime, so long as they have secure credentials and reliable internet access. (Try using that one as a pitch!)

3. You Have Our Support

Clients that have physical products require physical support. Someone has to go out to their site to solve their problems. It’s like waiting on the cable man - it's intrusive and annoying. However, like with all Cloud products, you don’t have to rely on a big bulky machine. All of your data is stored electronically at a separate location. So your client literally never has to invest in another filing cabinet. Cloud PACS vendors, like Purview, offer many different options in partnerships. As a reseller you can choose to outsource all of your client onboarding, training, data migration, and data management to your vendor. After all, they are the experts. It not only gives your client comfort, but is saves you the headaches of being responsible for all of that.

Final Thought

The Cloud is the business of the future, and it is here. While many practices still use local and hospital PACS, it doesn't mean that you should not encourage your clients to choose a more affordable, efficient and reliable solution. A Cloud PACS offers your clients all the things they look for in the perfect product, and when it comes to sharing, accessing and going mobile with medical imaging, a Cloud PACS has them covered. The Cloud is the future. And guess what? The future is here. Start making more money by doing less. Contact us today to get more information about how a reseller partnership could change your business. Or, register for our upcoming webinar that goes over our Reseller Package and all the benefits of partnering with Purview. 

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