Referring Physicians Access


This week's tips on Tuesday is all about referring physician access.

MEDICO-e1442341283590.jpegMedical imaging can be a pain to share and access. Sharing medical images usually results in burning and overnight shipping CDs to one another, or using frustrating login screens access to another PACS.

Extend simple access to referring physicians quickly with Purview ViVA.

Using Purview ViVA, users can create referring physician access to ONLY their patients studies. For example, if Dr. Jane Doe refers patients to your imaging center, you can create a username and password for her to access ONLY her patient's imaging. She can login to Purview ViVA from any web browser, smartphone, or tablet and view her patient's images anywhere, anytime.

The imaging center can extend this same access to all their referring physicians. Other practices using Purview ViVA can deliver the same access to their specialists. Don't burn anymore CDs to share imaging studies with other doctors and specialists. Deliver a referring physician portal with Purview ViVA today!

To learn more watch our Patient Access Webinar today:

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