Patients Can Share Medical Images With Physicians In Moments, For Free

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Did you know that there are mail services that allow you to actually track your package? No joke. A friend of mine just got the new iPhone X and was glued to his phone, essentially stalking the mail carrier’s truck. He watched the little dot on his phone move up and down the street for about an hour, when finally he decided to stand outside his residence and flag down the truck. Now, obviously there were other packages in the same truck - Amazon orders, other online purchases, and of course medical images burned onto CDs and DVDs. So, here is my question for you: do you really, honestly want to wait for parcelled medical records and images? If the answer is no, we have a solution...and it’s free.
What’s PiX?

PiX is a patient portal allowing patients to share their medical records directly and instantly with you. That’s right, no more CDs. PiX is a next generation technological advancement in the healthcare industry. It was created not just to ease a physician’s workflow or for that matter his or her practice’s workflow; but to get patients to take ownership of their health. By having your patient share their images with you through PiX, you not only save time by having access to the records within moments, you additionally are saving costs. Just think about it. How much money do imaging centers spend mailing out these parcels? How much money do you spend doing the same? Multiply the costs associated for one patient by the total number of patients seen in a a month…in a year. The costs add up. Not to mention the time it takes. While expedited mail can mean that the recipient will get it the next day, sometimes these images need to be read now. That’s the ability that you get with PiX, and your patients can use it for free. 

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How Do I Access My Patient’s Records?

It’s quite simple to share and access medical images through PiX. The user friendly portal is web based, so you can access it anywhere at anytime so long as you have an internet connection. Instead of having to put anything in the mail, the imaging center or practice gives the patient the images via electronic file, CD, or DVD. Your patient will then upload the file onto their personal computer and drag and drop the file or folder into PiX. From there, they select the physician they want the images share with.

Once the images have been shared, you will receive an email notification alerting you of the share. From there, you click on the link in your email and are able to view the diagnostic image from any device, anywhere, at anytime so long as you have internet. It takes the delay out of the question, and truly makes the patient accountable for a role in their healthcare. While it's a fact that good customer service leads to happy customers, the healthcare industry differs a tad. Unlike the retail industry where the consumer only cares about the end result, a patient cares about the entirety of the treatment process. Including patients, allows them to play a critical role in initiating the treatment plan. They become accountable for the delivery of their records. In short, the incentive becomes that if they share their images sooner rather than later, they will benefit in the long run because you will have had more time to look over their records and create a treatment plan.

Final Thought

If you had to name the one cost that you would like to decrease at your business, time would probably be at the top of your list. Time is money after all. Give your patient the power and incentive to take part in their treatment plan by smoothing out your workflow. Tell them about PiX today and never wait for the mail or spend extra money on postage ever again. 

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