Patient? Share, Access, and Go Mobile With Your Medical Records

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PiX is a patient portal enabling something we call SAM: the sharing, access, and mobility of your medical imaging. Here’s how...

S - Sharing 

PiX’s greatest value lies in its ability to share your medical images with anyone of your choosing. So you could be moving and need to make sure your new provider gets your previous records; you could have gotten an injury while on a trip and want to ensure that your scans get sent to your primary care physician back home; you could have the need to provide your records to the health study you are participating in; you could find yourself in a situation where you or your loved one requires surgery, but the hospital system is down and the surgeon needs a copy of the imaging relevant to the surgery; or you could find yourself in a foreign land, abroad or domestic, requiring the ability to show your attending doctor your previous health records to treat you. Whatever the reason may be, PiX allows you to get your images where they are needed when they are needed without having to rely on a third party (aka mail carrier) to get your records there. Unlike with the mail service, your records are delivered within moments upon clicking your mouse. They will never get lost in the mail, and you will never have to pay an arm and a leg for overnight shipping.

From PiX, your physician can additionally share your records with a specialist for an immediate live collaboration. Overall, the ability to share medical records in a single click speeds up the entire process from being seen as a patient to receiving a treatment plan from the doctor seeing you. It’s far more secure, not to mention cheaper than mailing a package in the mail.

A - Access

PiX affords you the luxury of being able to access and manage your images and records anytime anywhere. The only effort that is required from you is to get your records and images from where they were rendered and upload them into PiX. Typically you will either get a CD or electronic file which you can simply drag and drop into the application. Once your images and records are uploaded they are there forever, unless if you choose to delete them. This obviates the need to call your physician back home and request that they overnight important records. Just think about it, emergencies have poor timing. What if you need those records after hours, on a weekend, or observed holiday? Even if staff at your physician’s practice goes into work on such an occasion, the mail service won’t beckon to your call. Having to wait even one day for that expedited parcel can feel like an eternity when you really need it. Besides, the doctor at your location will still require time upon receiving the records to go over and review them to plan treatment. It’s far too much of a time consuming process.

Give your doctor a hand. By managing your own records, you become the custodian. So the next time your doctor needs something that was taken out of network, you can provide the data immediately, after hours, on weekends and holidays. Your participation will speed up the timeline and get you faster results from your provider.

M - Mobility 

You could be on vacation, a business trip, or in an ER or Urgent Care facility. If you or a loved one has been injured or come down with an illness, you could immediately pull up yours, your parent’s, or your child’s records on your phone, tablet, hotel computer, hospital viewing station - any device connected to the internet. This is not possible with any other platform. PiX provides you the ability to never worry about filing cabinets, carrying around large films, or fragile CDs and DVDs. You don’t even have to drive those records to your doctor’s office. Instead, share you images from the comfort of your home, a movie theater, your favorite restaurant, or even from the car - so long as you aren’t the one that’s driving.

The biggest benefit that the ability to go mobile with your medical records provides you is a backup plan and security that your private health information will not be destroyed or lost forever. Each medical practice is unique and has their own individual workflow. While some practices are secure and have a backup strategy in place by implementing their infrastructure to the Cloud, others might still rely on a local backup. This is incredibly risky, because if there is a natural or manmade disaster that comes through and destroys the practice housing your data, it will be lost forever. However, with PiX, that practice could be picked up and taken to Oz and your records will remain in tact and untouched in PiX. This anywhere, anytime feature is really what users appreciate about this innovative software.

Final Thought 

Sharing, access, and mobility are three important qualities that all patients should be afforded when it comes to the management of their private health information. Being able to access and share records at any time any place can obviously expedited the overall process, but also possibly help improve medical outcomes due to the amount of time being saved. These necessities are no longer something only offered to physicians. We think everyone should have the ability to play a role in their healthcare.

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