Is Your Radiology Practice Being Restriced to a Mac?

Viewing Medical Images on Mac Platform.jpeg

Viewing Medical Images on Mac Platform.jpeg

No one cares for restrictions. Especially when it comes to hindering your access to your patient’s medical images. There are numerous platforms out there that permit you to view those images on only a Mac platform. Which doesn’t always make it easy. What if you cannot afford an expensive AppleTM machine, or what if you are just a PC user all the way?

Why Programmers Choose Apple

Go to any tech conference and you will see a lineup of glowing half eaten apples staring back at you. In fact, image that you were to time travel 20 years in the past and meet your younger self. You would probably find time travel less worrisome and be focused on the insanity of hearing that Apple has the best operating system. That information alone would be a tough pill to swallow. Yet, it's true. Apple is winning, and programmers and coders around the world often prefer using Mac platforms opposed to Windows or Linux.

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The thing is that even for developers, it is difficult to maintain a PC. Mac’s are quality built machines. Besides, unlike with a PC, Macs have supreme cross-platform capabilities. On your Mac, you can easily install Windows or Linux. However, in order to get a Mac OS on a PC, you’d probably have to use a hacked version...and that might not end well. Overall, there is a great deal of ease when it comes to programming and coding with Apple products. While it is not impossible to do the same with their counterparts, don’t be shocked when you learn that your local solutions are limited to a specific platform.


Get Freedom with Your Device

Every heard the saying: once you go Mac, you don’t go back? Well it’s not entirely true. Many radiologists, imaging centers, and practices cannot afford for every single workstation to be an Apple powered site. While the machines have a great reputation, you have to look at what’s best for your checkbook - and we get that. So, if you are happy with your Mac only solution, that’s great. However, if you are looking for a way to save money and not impact the quality of your reads, look no further than the Cloud.

How to Save Money on Your PACS

There are many solutions out there that cater to every single platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. Ours is Purview ViVA, and we will tell you exactly how it and similar competing solutions work.

When you have a Cloud based solution, you are leveraging your browser - not your physical device, or the operating system it supports. So, while your favorite open source DICOM image viewer works on a Mac because that is the specific operating system that supports the code, the Cloud is different. Think about your favorite website. It can be news, sports, entertainment, or even your email provider. You can access that site and affiliated accounts from any device, right? You are not restricted to only using the desktop computer in your office. You can log into your email from any country, on any brand device so long as you have an Internet connection. Well, a Cloud based solution for viewing medical images works the same way. Your data is basically being streamed through a secure channel hosted by your Cloud vendor.

Final Thought

Don’t be restricted to a specific brand device. Consider your options and what is best for your business from a practical and financial point of view. The Cloud supports millions of people and businesses around the world because it is a reliable and affordable solution. Medical images can be viewed on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. So, think about what’s important to you, and look into the Cloud to get anywhere, anytime access...on any device.

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