Is OsiriX Leaving Open Source?

OsiriX is leaving open source. Horos remains.


Dear Horos Users,

It is important that you know of our unwavering support for open source software. During the past few days we have seen what appears to be the final step in OsiriX’s move away from open source. Critically important features have been removed from the open source version of OsiriX, OsiriX Lite. Such features include: 

  • importing and burning CDs
  • anonymizing files
  • 3D reconstruction
  • networking

Further, the number of studies has been throttled. Of course, all of these functions are available if you are willing to license the commercial product: OsiriX MD from Pixmeo.

We’ve also heard from several of our customers, that Pixmeo has even gone so far to prohibit the use with Horos of perfectly good Plug-Ins that were developed for OsiriX.  It feels like it is not sufficient for Pixmeo to simply hobble their own open source version of OsiriX…they also want to do everything they can to hinder the usefulness of other open source projects. This affects everyone involved in the open source movement.

At Purview and the Horos Project we reject this approach.  While Pixmeo built a large and vibrant market by initially making their product freely available to the open source community, they now feel that they are sufficiently well known that they can remove the free and open from their product. That feels an awful lot like a bait and switch tactic proffered at the expense of our open source community. 

We believe in open source.  It enables members in the medical community to access information required to make a medical diagnosis and treatment plan. We don’t think that the ability to access critical resources that have the potential to save lives and improve medical outcomes should be profitized. We have always pledged that Horos will remain free and open, and it is our intention to keep it that way.  

Purview is indeed a for profit company.  However, we find that co-existing with a free and open source product is both the right thing to do and is good for our business.  We recognize that in order to continue to invest resources in open source, we must have other ways to generate revenue.  Our approach is to provide services that enhance and expand the usefulness of Horos rather than remove important functionality that we will later offer back to you for a fee.

During the next few months you will see a deeper, more committed and renewed effort on the part of Purview and the open source community to improve the Horos project.  We have hired additional resources on the Purview payroll and will fund much of the required effort ourselves.  We continue to receive donations on the Horos Project web site that also are helpful.

Thank you for your interest in Horos, and keep the faith in open source.

Les Trachtman
Managing Director at Purview


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