Importance of Breast Cancer Second Opinions

The last thing anyone wants to receive is a positive cancer diagnosis . But, unfortunately, one out of every eight women in America will receive a positive breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes.

As with any diagnosis based on a medical image, there is a possibility of a misread screening. This could result in a false positive that leads to unnecessary worry, stress, treatment or even surgery. In fact, a 2001 National Cancer Institute study found that over half of women experienced at least one false positive if they had regular screenings for 10 years.

For these women, a second opinion could be the difference between immediately returning to a normal life and undergoing invasive and completely preventable surgery.

Purview makes getting a second opinion as easy as tapping your iPhone. Our online image storage and sharing platform connects women to 3.9 million health care providers. Among these doctors are the nation’s premier radiologists and oncologists who can provide expert diagnosis or guidance for treatment.

So that all women and men have access to these vital second opinions, Purview is offering a one-year of free Premium Access to anyone who uploads a current screening mammogram in the month of October. Email to request your free account. Or please visit for more information.


Video Transcription

Certainly a cancer diagnosis can be devastating.

With any diagnostic test there is always a possibility for a misread, misinterpretation, a false negative.

The beauty of medical images is that if they are stored on Purview, with just one click, those imaging studies can be shared to specialists around the world, who can provide a second opinion.

This can result in potentially better findings or give you guidance to seek an alternative path for treatment.



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