How your medical practice can avoid burning CDs

Posted by Purview on Feb 8, 2016 6:01:27 PM

Ugh… Patient medical imaging CDs…

With all the advances in internet connectivity and technology, why is burning a compact disc still the most popular way to store and transfer patient’s medical images amongst physicians and patients?

Maybe it’s because we have been doing it this way for years? Maybe it's because we haven’t calculated the full cost of burning and then mailing a CD? Maybe it’s just to make it someone else’s problem?

The reality is that burning CDs is expensive. The medical industry estimates that the full cost to burn a CD averages somewhere near $25 each. Add to that shipping or overnight costs and you can easily exceed $50.

Onsite_PC_Solution_Burn_CD_Infrarecorder.jpgBurning CDs is also error prone. Health care organizations are all too familiar with CDs that can’t be read, include the wrong studies, or force the physician to use an embedded viewer that is difficult to use. CD burners for larger volumes are expensive pieces of equipment and unfortunately, fail frequently.

So what’s the alternative? How do you control your costs while also delivering access to patients and referring physicians?


Move your imaging studies to the cloud

No matter whether you already have a central PACS, a cloud-based supplemental PACS will enable you to easily share images with patients and other providers, while also enabling a host of other benefits. A cloud-based PACS could be funded simply by the savings from giving up your CD habit.


Extend web-based viewing and downloading access instead of CDs 

With cloud PACS access, there is no reason to wait for CDs to be delivered by express mail or via your patients remembering to bring them to their appointments. Those same studies are available instantly, without additional cost or bother.

Providers receiving these images can either download them to their own viewer or use a web-based internet enabled viewer to review these studies. 

Studies stored in the cloud are secure, fully HIPAA compliant and contribute toward meaningful use.


Ask Purview 

Purview has been implementing cloud solutions for hundreds of clients on four continents. With Purview ViVA, medical practices have saved millions of dollars by eliminating CDs.

If you’re feeling the burn from the cost of CDs, click Learn More to explore Purview ViVA or contact our team.

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