How To Improve Your Hospital PACS

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How To Improve Your PACS.jpeg

If you work at a hospital you most probably have interaction with a PACS. But are you really getting the most efficiency out of your existing solution? What if a patient visits a satellite location? Is it cumbersome to get your hands on their images and records in the moment you need them? Is it easy to collaborate with your colleagues on those tough cases, or do you have to hunt them down, and make sure you both are in the same room at the same time? If any of these scenarios ring a bell, keep reading. We have a simple solution for you.

The Cloud

If you use a smart phone, you already use the Cloud. It’s how most of your apps work. They might not all be Apple products, but they do allow you to access your downloaded music, your documents, email drafts, that Netflix episode you were in the middle of, and so much more. All of this anytime anywhere access is available to you due to the Cloud. The thing is that a Cloud powered PACS is no different than how you use the Cloud on your smartphone, tablet,  or personal laptop. In fact, with such a solution you are empowered to share, access, and go mobile with your medical imaging anytime, anywhere.

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Enterprise Your Solution With SAM

SAM is the sharing, access, and mobility of medical images. It’s the end result of using a Cloud based PACS. Most likely, you are currently using a hospital based on-site PACS. It’s great for keeping everything in house. However, if a patient is seen at a satellite location or a practice outside of the hospital network, gaining access to those records, and having those records organized in your PACS can become a cumbersome task. Patients somehow end up with multiple IDs, records don't get where they need to be when they are required to make a diagnosis, and in-house staff begins to resent situations where patients are seen outside hospital walls.

No More Multiple IDs

If your hospital PACS is powered by the Cloud, your patient will not have multiple IDs in the system. Ask your vendor - depending on your needs, your vendor will set up your solution to enable the instant and automatic organization of your patient’s recording the moment they are uploading into your system. Irregardless of their origin practice or imaging center - in network or out of network - all of John Doe’s records will be in located under one single identification.

Enable Second Opinions In Seconds 

Need to collaborate on a case with a colleague? No need to hunt them down. The Cloud enables you to share patient images and records with anyone...within seconds of a single click. The recipient will only be granted access upon providing gated credentials which could be anything from: patient name, date of birth, or any other unique identifier. This can be customized by your Cloud vendor. And stop worrying about the cost. A Cloud PACS will save you money in the long run.

Once you have shared the images, your colleague can view and makes notes directly onto the images which you will be able to view live. In fact, you both can be on the same study making annotations simultaneously, and you don’t even need to be on the same hospital campus.

Final Thought

If you find yourself limited in the way you view, share, and access your patient images and records, consider an alternative option. A PACS powered by the Cloud affords you unlimited flexibility. It’s upkeep is all in the hands of a vendor, so your in house staff does not have to do the heavy lifting. So what’s holding you back? Start sharing patient images with colleagues and collaborating live. Oh, and don’t forget patient organization within your solution. Let your vendor straighten that out for you so you can smooth out your workflow.

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