How Purview Enables Easy Storage and Sharing of Electronic Medical Images

Posted by Phil Jackson on Dec 10, 2013 8:44:25 AM

Purview makes storage and sharing of medical images easier than ever. With Purview, you no longer need to worry about carrying bulky folders full of medical images or CD’s from doctor to doctor. Purview allows patients to electronically share their medical images with the best health care providers throughout the country. The ease with which patients can store, immediately access and share images ensures they will receive the best care possible from their doctors.

Co-founder and general manager Phillip Jackson discusses Purview's ease and convenience, including:

  • Automatic uploading by a Purview-enabled imaging center
  • Importing images from a CD or DVD
  • Sending film images to the Purview office to be digitized and added to your account
  • Enablement of patient and provider access


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Podcast Transcription

Adam Curtis: So I am here with another installment of Purview’s podcasts with Phillip Jackson, co-founder of Purview. Phil, good morning.

Phillip Jackson: Good morning.

AC: For this month we wanted to talk about really the ease and the convenience of Purview. So how do you make Purview accessible to so many people?

PJ: Clearly with our health records today in this age, we would expect them to be as easy to manipulate and gain access to as our financial records. At Purview, we are really laser focused on ensuring that your medical images and potentially other parts of your health record, are immediately accessible, stored in the cloud, and can be shared with anyone, really in the world.

AC: So walk us through the process. Most people know, now you go in and get an X-ray done or you get a CT scan done, you walk out of the doctor’s office with a piece of film or a disc. What does Purview do in that part of the equation?

PJ: What Purview is able to do is take that information, that film or that CD, that has medical images on it, import it as you would a CD into iTunes, and make that information available in the cloud to you and put you, the patient, in the driver’s seat of sharing that information with health care providers who you need to coordinate with. It really streamlines how you, as a patient, can engage health care providers. It could shave weeks off of seeking a consultation.

AC: What about providers who are already Purview enabled? So you go into a doctor already using Purview, what’s the process there?

PJ: The patient will receive explicit directions on a tri-fold, it’s a brochure, that includes a medical record number or a patient ID. They will receive instructions on how to take that information, bring it home with them, or perhaps, you know, register on a mobile device, an iPhone, an iPad, while they are in the waiting room or in their car after the appointment. This tri-fold kind of unlocks access to the information that is already stored in the cloud, medical images that were just acquired.

AC: How does this differ with other companies that do something similar to what Purview does, really take these images and store them there. What does Purview do to sort of go above and beyond that model?

PJ: Think of us as kind of an independent organization helping you to manage your health records. Don’t think of us as an extension or augmentation of a big health care enterprise. The difference really is that once your images reside in our platform, you own them. You control them. You control who can see them. This is a technology designed to empower the patient.

AC: So we have the images we just had done imported into Purview. You guys allow patients to go back and say, take images from 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 years ago and also store them electronically?

PJ: We are focused on providing as many pathways as possible for patients to bring us their electronic or non-electronic, analog, medical records, specifically medical images, and get them into our cloud. So, for example, if a patient has, you know, a stack of 14 X 17 sheets of film that have X-rays on them, or MRI scans, those medical records can be sent to our corporate office. We have a team that can import those images, digitize them, and make them available in the patient’s account. Our purpose is not just to facilitate the sharing of this information, but also to facilitate a patient being able to store all of it, not just bits and pieces of it.

AC: Yeah, I don’t think 118 years ago when the first X-ray was out, that they were thinking hey, you know what, someday we going to be able to just send this through the cloud and any doctor, anywhere in the world can have access to it.

PJ: No, they certainly weren’t. But if you gave us that X-ray from 118 years ago, we could import it and put it in the cloud.

AC: Let’s talk about the access part. Our images are in there, our images are ready to go, they are stored, they are secured, how do they get to the hands then of someone we want to have either a second opinion or maybe it’s for our primary care provider? Talk us through that aspect.

PJ: Purview enables access for patients. But what we also do really well is we enable access for health care providers. Once your images are in the cloud, once you have designated which health care provider should have access to that information, the health care provider uses web-based software to look at your medical images. This software has been FDA approved for diagnosis, so it is very high quality. The images can be looked at in 2D, but also in 3D, so we have provided the doctor with tools that would never be available on a CD and certainly wouldn’t be available if they were just looking at film.

AC: Now you have mentioned that we as patients can access this on our mobile device. Are doctors able to do the same thing and give a diagnosis on the mobile as well?

PJ: Absolutely. So a doc could open up your images on an iPhone, on an iPad, use our app which is also FDA approved, it’s available in the App Store for health care providers, diagnose you and they could call you back on Facetime on your iPhone or iPad and let you know what’s going on exactly.

AC: No more golfing time off for doctors?

PJ: No more golfing time off.

AC: Phillip Jackson, thanks so much for taking the time again this month. If people want more information, where can they find it?

PJ: They can go to They can also call us if they’d like. We have an 800 number, 800-510-1537.

AC: Phil, thanks so much.

PJ: Thank you, Adam.




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